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Hey all, Isaac here.

I just wanted to announce that I'll be doing Inkmas this year! Featuring Pokemon. I have the first 11 pokemon picked out, and the 12th pokemon will be a special pokemon picked by you guys, specifically the pokemon from Smash. I have a strawpoll up and waiting for answers! My schedule is to upload every other day, starting tomorrow. I feel like it's a more relaxed schedule I can work with. Easier on me.

I'd also have special Christmas badges in the making just for the month of December! Here's an example of the badge!

These badges can be requested free of charge!  Unfortunately there are no deluxe versions of this badge.

I'm also holding 20% off of all my commissions for December! Like before, there's a limited amount of slots, so grab them while you can! I'll be opening commissions up in the next couple days to give me a little time to catch up. But they'll be open in no time!

Sooo TLDR, I'm doing an inkmas sort of thing this month and the last inkmas will be picked by you guys via strawpoll! I also have a christmas badge available by request! Commissions will be opening in the next couple days as I am a bit behind.

Thank you all, and happy holidays!

Halloween commissions are now closed! Thank you to everyone who commissioned me, I greatly appreciate it! :)


Hey all.

Figured I'd give Halloween commissions a shot. While still keeping slotted commissions a thing. This is going to be a tricky thing to pull off, but I believe I can do it.

For the month of Halloween, I'll be holding a special Pencil Color Costume Slotted Commission Thing. I've done similar in the past, where I'll draw chibi characters with a rough lined pen in a costume for the cheap price of 15 for flat colors, and 20 for shaded. I thought I'd start with 3 slots, and then take more as I finish them for the entire month of October.

As always, rules from Slotted Commissions would apply here. 

Comm: Skywolf 2 by Isaacs-Collar   Comm: Skywolf 3 by Isaacs-Collar    [Comm] S-HowlingStallion Costume! by Isaacs-Collar   

1. [OPEN]
2. [OPEN]
3. [OPEN]
Hey, quick update.
To everyone who gave positive welcome back wishes, thank you very much. I greatly appreciate it.
My initial idea was to have more things to upload after the first couple days of coming back, but personal life made me busy, so I don't really have anything ready to upload yet. But when I do have something, I will upload it.

Thank you all for being patient with me.


First of all, short journal.

Need to apologize for my absence. I had to work on myself a bunch.
But I hope being back will be good for me, in some way/shape/or form.

Here's hoping.
I'm currently working on new, polished commission prices! So please be patient with me while I work on the new prices, plus working to empty out my backlog! Thank you all very much for understanding! :D

In terms of New Years resolutions, personally I've got an idea of what I'd like to do for the new year artistic wise. But truth be told... I haven't given it much more than a passing thought. That's something I'm going to have to work on, I suppose.

I hope you all have had a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years, such and such. :)
Hey guys, quick post.

My friend :iconsilverknight27: opened up some sketch commissions! They're super cool and cheap. He overdrafted his bank account and any bit of help would be much appreciated!…
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Hey everyone! I just wanted to make a couple announcements, one regarding the badges and another regarding Halloween!

First announcement is the badges. About last month or so I decided to update the rings as an on the fly thing. Everyone knows the current ring design. So the picture I'll be posting has the old ring design on the top left, and the new ring design on the top right, and then the bottom is a new Deluxe Badge Ring that has wings. I'm not sure exactly on how I want to implement the deluxe ring, but I just wanted to notify people of the new badge designs.

Badge Testbase 2 by Isaacs-Collar

Now the next couple badges I upload will still have the old badge design for a while. That's because I like having a backlog of work to upload, and those were made before the updated badges got made. The new badge design will be implemented when I upload the next badge set. And just to make sure I cover all of my bases, Please do not take the ring base and use it without my permission.

The next announcement is that I plan to do something I did similar to the last time I did it. A special Halloween commission list! While I will be honest, I completely forgot about Halloween up until just an hour ago, and I don't really remember what I did beforehand, it might be something similar to the last time I did these! Definitely be sure to look out for something else to announce them!

TLDR: The ring base has been updated, along with a deluxe base that will be available in the near future! Also, Halloween specials! If you have an idea for either special kinds of badges or Halloween special ideas, feel free to comment on this post saying what you think would be a good idea. :D
Totally not tagged by Bucky-Butter (also totally not learned how to use the name linking instead of the icon linking finally :P)
I'll follow Bucky's meme where he gave 10 questions after I answer his questions. :3

1. Favorite hero (either fictional or real life)

I don't really have a favorite? I love all heroes equally, and I don't think I could pick a favorite. I jump from one thing to another too fast to settle down and pick something.

2. Favorite video game?

Nostalgia wise, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Within the last couple years, Xenoblade Chronicles.

3. Favorite colour?

Purple. For Lyfe <3

4. If you could get a job as video game maker which job? (Artist, Writer, Programmer,etc.)

Artist or programmer. While I love being an artist, I feel like the job would give me too much artistic freedom and discourage me. Programming sounds like it would be a much more "A to B" job.

5. Favorite Cosplay? (Either you have made, want to make, or seen made)

I have this picture I have saved on my phone of a Lapis Lazuli and Steven Universe cosplay, where Steven is kissing Lapis's cheek and Lapis looks surprised. But the way it's made it looks so adorable.

6. Favorite song?

Again, like the hero question, I jump around too much to accurately pinpoint a specific song down. My current favorite artists are Madeon and Porter Robinson. With some more techy remixes.

7. Why is seven the best number?

Because seven eight nine.... wait wrong answer, shit. >n<

8. Favorite food?

Fried potatoes and butter noodles.

9. Favorite pun?

Any pun.

10. How would you rule the world?
With my potato army.

OKAY! Now I've got 10 questions for tagged!
1. Best Crossover OTP?
2. Favorite DeviantART artist and your favorite picture from them?
3. What was your favorite song from a video game?
4. Most intimidating insult you've gotten?
5. What's the silliest thing you ever did in front of your friends?
6. What would be your dream fantasy pet? It can be anything. (I.e. a 6 legged dog, or a big shapeshifting slimeball)
7. The first character that comes to your head is now your eternal lover. Response??
8. How do you spell "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"?
9. Favorite enemy type? (I.e. heartless, mechon, eggman's robots, etc.)
10. What's the best piece of art YOU have done? Pros and cons, friendos. :P

Anyways, time for tags! I tag...
SilverKnight27, ToonKriticY2K, F1r3w0rks, Bucky-Butter, and TyandagaArt ! Have fun!!.. mwuuaaahahaha! >D
Tagged by :iconf1r3w0rks:

1. How long have you been drawing?

Officially on dA for at least 3 years, maybe 4. But unofficially, all of my life. My dad always tells me that I started drawing since I could hold a crayon. That's practically all of my life.

2. What do you use to draw with? (Such as like programs like Photoshop)

For programs, I use PaintToolSAI to line, color, and put effects on my drawings. For some bigger effects or when PaintToolSAI doesn't have what I need, I do have Photoshop to put in more effects or other things.

3. Do you use a computer, a tablet (not graphics tablet), or a phone to draw with?

Computer. While I've tried drawing on a friend's tablet, I feel like the tablet and phones are way too delayed to do any sort of drawing that feels right to me. ;w;

4. Do you have a tablet? Yes or no?

I have a Wacom tablet! I think it's a Bamboo Pen tablet.

5. Do have a main OC? If so then what is its name?

I have many characters, but for terms of reputation, I only have one OC, a little dragon pony kid named BB! =^w^=
2017 BB Reference Sheet by Isaacs-Collar

6. Who is your favorite artist/artists?

While I love all of my artsy friends and everything they do, and I have many artists that I absolutely adore... I'm totally biased over Tracy Yardley for how he draws Sonic, and Matt Herms for his coloring. Sue me for being a Sonic Fan all my life :P

7. Are you friends with a famous artist? (Over 500+ subs)

A couple actually! :iconlightning-bliss:, :icontyandagaart:, :iconcosmicchrissy:, and :iconanimechristy:. There are probably some odd more but those are the first that come to mind o.o

8. What do you think about your art?

I know I still have a lot to learn, but I think every little bit I do is practice and getting better.

9. Do you prefer digital art or traditional art?
Traditional art and Digital art are two separate categories for me. I love them both equally. That being said, I feel like traditional art requires a little more work, being careful to not smudge anything. Where as digital, you need to be careful on which layer you work or other issues.

10. What does your main OC remind you of? It could be any character like from games, movies, TV shows, etc.
BB reminds me a bit of Honey-senpai from OHSHC. He uses his cuteness to his advantage and is the more kiddish one of his group. For some reason he also reminds me of young Greg Universe, being more gentle if anything and doing his own thing.

11. Does your style remind you of someone else's style? If so then who?
While my style doesn't remind me of anyone else's style, people have said that my style and :iconpastel-script:'s styles are very similar. I don't know if it's color wise or something else, but somehow I don't see it o.o

12.  If you were to be a different artist, which artist would you like to be?
Uhm... I don't think I'd want to change. Just because I like my stuff where I'm at.

Now if I can change MOTIVATION, I'd change to :iconlightning-bliss: That girl has no work chill and I need some of her motivation LOL.

13. What's at least one thing you dislike about your art?
All of my work seems very static. And when I do attempt more dynamic poses, they always seem to come out funky. I guess the main problem is figure out where the limbs should be going. :P

14. What's at least one thing you like about your art?
The colors for sure. Aside from commissions and badges, the colors seem to work with each other very well.

15.  What is one thing that keeps you inspired to keep drawing?
The top thing for me I guess is seeing all of the other pretty art thingies that all my friends make and I want to make something with them. Something that isn't just a doodle, but something big.

Y'all don't need to, but I need to tag SOMEONE...
:iconanimechristy:, :icontyandagaart:, :iconeliyora:
I'm nominating y'all. :P
Heyo everyone! I just wanted to say thank you to ALL of the birthday wishes! My initial plan was to reply to what comments I've gotten. That turned out to be too many for me to handle. I know other people can get many, many more with no issues. But I guess I'm not used to the comments. :P

But thank you to everyone who commented! I love you all!! :heart:
[CLOSED] 2017 Commission Prices! by Isaacs-Collar
Eeeyup, commissions have been closed.

Expect commissions to open up sometime soon, with brand new, shiny prices for 2017.

-Isaac :P

This is exactly what it looks like!

I'm holding a Holiday Sale where the total of your commission price will be reduced by 20%.

This means, for example, if there was a commission order for $30 USD, I would reduce the total price by 20%, leaving the total as $24 USD.

Along with this sale, I'm also going to host another type of chibi commission for sale.

It is a flat rate of $15 USD. This means no matter how complicated your character is, the price for this commission will be $15.

Double Chibis will cost $22.

These chibis will come very similar to these!

Flashy Toon by Isaacs-Collar     Shiny Deer Is Shiny! by Isaacs-Collar Flashy Chibi by Isaacs-Collar

These commission prices will be held through the month of December, and depending on the demand, may hold out into January!

If you're interested in commissioning me, please note me and we can discuss prices!

Hullo world, Isaac here.

With great news, I believe. I've been able to receive a new-used computer for free via a family friend. This means I'm able to work on commissions once more. This new computer is an acer touchscreen, and has been described as a "low-key beast" to an extent by computer tech friends! That's good.

With other great news, I've accompanied :icontoonkriticy2k: :iconlightning-bliss:, along with other MLP analysts/reviewing people to Nightmare Nights 2016. I have a fair amount of doodles I'll be uploading within the time after I get home, which will be about this Tuesday night. If you've seen a kid with bright green hair following ToonkriticY2K around, then it was very likely me!

Along with these two pieces of info, comes a bit of sad news. I'm going to be closing commissions temporarily while I get caught up on the overdue commissions. There's not a big backlog, but I would rather get those who have been waiting done, before I start opening commissions again..

In mini news, we've named the kitten and she is currently at our home making herself very comfortable in the house! Her name is Toriel from Undertale!
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Hello everyone! Isaac here with some good news, and some not so good news.

The good news is... I'm all done babysitting constantly! My sister took my niece to her dad's house last night after he was gone on a 3 week buisness trip. From what I heard, my niece was crying because she missed her daddy so much.

The not so good news... About a week ago my computer died. Badly died. Long story short, I need to replace my hard drive. I'm planning to fix it as soon as possible. It will probably take some time though. This means that, commissions are still on hold. I don't like putting stuff on hold that involves money, but this was something I could not control. I'm willing to offer a free chibi pony to those who are still waiting on a commission from me. It will be a cel shaded chibi pony.

The last bit of news, along with moving into a new home around the end of the week, I will be getting.... a kitten! Our landlady's neighbor had to give her away because they could not care for her. She is currently 10 weeks old and is a gray, black, and white tabby. She loves to be held and is veeery small! Here is a picture of her!     I still need help naming her! If you have a name of offer, feel free! Any video game names would be best! :)

TL;DR: Computer's broken, people waiting on commissions can get a free chibi pony, and please help me name my new kitten! Video game names would be best!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note!
Thank you and have a nice day!
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Hullo Everyone, Isaac here.

Starting tomorrow, Friday August 26, I will be consistently babysitting my niece, 6 days a week for about 2 to 3 weeks. At around the same time, I will be helping my mother move into a new house. Aside from running around with a toddler niece and packing and moving boxes, I will likely not have the time or the energy to work on any commissions.

What does this mean for people who have commissioned me?
    I won't have the time to work on almost any commissions, aside from 1 day a week maybe. Expect your commission to be delayed during this time. I will work on what I can, but I cannot guarantee any time will be dedicated to working on drawings.

What does this mean for people who want to commission me in this timeframe?
    I ask that people who want to commission me in the next 3 weeks that you wait until the timeframe has ended. Commissions will be put on hold at this time, and I will publish another journal when commissions are back to being open.

TL;DR: Starting tomorrow, Commissions will be put on hold, and any commissions already taken will be delayed significantly. I will work on what I can work on, but I cannot promise a lot to be done during this timeframe.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a note here on DeviantART.
Thank you in advance for reading this.
Look over here! This is where they are!
Any questions or want to order a commission? Note me please!


I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

This will serve as a very quick update, because I feel it necessary. This month has been unproductive, artistic wise. I will definitely work on commissions in the upcoming days. But after these last couple days, commissions will be closed. I should really enforce those rules, hm.

Anyways. Uhh TL;DR: I was lazy, gunna work on stuff super soon, Merry Christmas to y'aalllllll.
Because I caaaaan.
These peoples are like my best best friends. Soo have fun with them.

1. :iconsurgerie:
 <da:thumb id="465535792"/>

2. :iconflamez777:
Friendship Sucks! by flamez777 A lot on the mind by flamez777 pedo sonic by flamez777
3. :iconcosmicchrissy:
Commission: Top 5 Yay+Neigh DPoMSHEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP by CosmicChrissy The Geisha Of Starlight by CosmicChrissy Abbi and Theo- An Eternal Friendship by CosmicChrissy

4. :iconeliyora:
Eli Dress off by Eliyora Eliyora Deer by Eliyora Keyframe Heart Flank by Eliyora

5. :icongoldenfoxda:
What are you listening to, GoldenFox? by GoldenFoxDA  Winter Wrap Up 3k Cover Art by GoldenFoxDA Jasper Pie by GoldenFoxDA