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Mask salesman, Majora's Mask

Finally finished it! Fan art piece of the Mask salesman, from Majora's Mask; in celebration of its 3DS release :) 

Photoshop CC, painted on the Surface Pro 3 

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Oh...So the evil has left the mask after all...

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Yes i'v met with a terrible fate
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Such a beautiful work of art honestly.
Hi I'm wondering if you'll give me permission to use this picture to make myself a custom phone case? I would really love to have this one
He looks kind of evil here. Very nice job though, great detail.
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I pictured him as a chaotic evil, but mostly his N64 wooden face gave me the creeps lol, and thank you! 
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Just got the  original N64 version. 2 words: F##k me. Seen this 15 times, haven't gotten to the first temple. D:
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If the game could only have graphics like this.  it would shur make it awesome to play again.
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I think that guy's a Weasley.
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I'd say to this guy, "YA THINK?!"
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Beautiful!  You should check out the META on Kickstarter.  It's a hotkey case for Surface pro 3 and 4. 
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MOTHER OF GOD!! Alright! He's Creepy! We Get It Already!! XD

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Amazing artwork!! I loved the concept and finishing! Well done!
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Would it be alright if I used this picture in one of my upcoming videos called So Cold Zelda XXXVI? If you want to check previous videos like the above out, search "Jac0Frost0" up on YouTube. Don't worry; I will credit you for your work.

The paint seems really thick and the atmosphere of the painting is dark! I love it! Paint more Majora!
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I made an error here. XXXVI has been completed already. This picture will be featured in So Cold Zelda XXXVII.
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I must correct my mistake: This picture will be featured in So Cold Zelda XXXVII, not XXXVI. #36 is done.
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Yup! And will do! Listening to your thing now, I love the music! Please send me your next one my way :) 
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