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So.  My computer is dead.  D-E-D, dead.  As in, will not turn on, will not boot, will not do nothing.  Until I replace it, I have very limited access to the internet and my scanner will not speak to anything other than the computer that died, so I cannot scan.  As soon as I find the appropriate driver and get things up and running again, I resume this challenge (but I will not make up the lost days).  I'm leaving the original part of the journal up, but don't expect anything for about a week.

Original post:
So I gave up sweets for Lent this year.  Not only did I give up things that are obviously sweets (like cake, cookies, ice cream, and peeps... oh god, I gave up peeps!), but I gave up soda (because of the high sugars and the caffiene), and I gave up fast food (pretty much anything with a drive thru).  So, obviously, I'm going to be having some pretty severe cravings here pretty soon (I already have that caffiene headache).  To keep my mind off things, and to prove that I can still be productive, I've decided to produce one piece of artwork for every day of Lent.

The Rules:
1. I must complete one piece of artwork per day.
2. I do not have to complete the artwork on the same day I begin it--I can work ahead for those pieces I know will take more than one day to finish.
3. All artwork must be new--I cannot complete an image that was begun before Lent and count it for one of my days.
4. A complete image must be colored.  I may chose any medium to color it with and my coloring job can look like a third-grader did it, but it must be colored.
5. Barring unforseen technical difficulties, I must submit the art to DeviantArt to prove I've done it.

I've also created a new folder for all the artwork done in this challenge so they can be viewed all at once when I'm done.


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Wow 10 years is a lot, have you been active those 10 years? :o
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The best thing about being an artist is that you don't have to grow up to be one

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I hope you can get your DA Fashion Week collection of at least 8 pieces done in time! The deadline is in 3 days. Thanks! :)
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I love your gallery, chica!
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