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Volume2 version Release

Volume² Release
Copyright (C) 2014 Alexandr Irza, All Rights Reserved

DOWNLOAD Volume² 1.1.4 Release(Installer) (Mirror)
DOWNLOAD Volume² 1.1.4 Release(Portable) (Mirror)

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Volume² is an advanced Windows volume control, a complete replacement for the standard Volume Control. This application lets you easily change the sound volume just by rotating the mouse wheel or by using keyboard hot keys or just mouse move on screen border. It includes an audio mixer with advanced volume controls support, a scheduler, an on-screen display, command line support, the ability to store and recall different unlimited presets via one mouse click or system-wide hot keys. Available languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Chinese, Armenian, German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Byelorussian, Czech, Dutch, French, Greece, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Vietnamese.


  • Full support for Windows 10
  • Added a new tag for clues in the system tray / text OSD -% DF - device (sound card)
  • Fixed disabling the volume control in full-screen applications
  • Added new OSD skin Windows 10 to display the name of the device
  • Fixed the default device functions and device management for Windows 10
  • Added the task on / off volume in the schedule
  • Fixed task start time starts when the end of the big time
  • Added option to disable the time range in the Schedule
  • Added support for system colors (Windows 7/8/10), to select the System Settings interface
  • Fixed: Error creating timetables to fulfill every ...
  • Added: Hide Control window at the edge after a specified time
  • Fixed: Setting volume Timetable
  • Added events Shortcuts, level out the volume for all applications
  • Fixed display of information about the personal license
  • Fixed volume control on the second tray (on the second monitor) did not work in full-screen applications
  • Added a new size for the tray icon 20px
  • Fixed horizontal scrolling function KatMouse
  • New look of the program settings, as well as updated application icon
  • Fixed function vocstanovlenie volume at startup
  • Added function control audio devices (tray menu)
  • Added the effect of sleep mode Hotkeys
  • Added events hotkeys for volume control of the active application
  • Added options in the Schedule: Start in the ending (to perform the task in the time range), number of starts
  • Removed banner Donate
  • Fixed loading skins with an error in the structure (in the log file, which is added to the error)
  • Added an expanded list of classes for the function KatMouse (only Config.ini)
  • Fixed: Opens the program settings after rebooting the PC on Win8
  • Added ability to exclude full-screen program on a mask (or folder)
  • Added ability to change the size of the OSD (right mouse button)
  • Added option of sticking at the edges of the screen OSD
  • Added function disables the middle button, volume control, we at the edge of the screen
  • Fixed: reinstall the hook after leaving the sleep mode
  • Added: turn off the screen display (OSD), hot key, mouse wheel management and control at the edge of the screen in full-screen applications
  • Added a new hotkey combination for: middle mouse button + wheel
  • Fixed run applications with the parameters in the schedule and hotkeys
  • Schedule adds the ability to set the volume for the device
  • Save option Disable Volume² (mouse, keyboard)
  • Fixed audio playback on Windows 8
  • Fixed the appearance of the Start menu after the change Volume
  • Added option Run as Administrator

Windows XP , Vista , Win7, Win8

1. Open the zip file with an unzip tool, such as WinZip or WinRar;
2. Run Setup.exe ;
3. After installation, run Volume2 shortcut on your desktop.

1. Just run Uninstall.exe in Volume2 folder

On Volume² right click button in System tray icon select "Volume²." 

Adjust And Schedule Volume Controls With Volume2
Better Volume/Sound Control For Windows With Volume2
Change Volume With Hotkey or Mouse Wheel in Windows
Volume Sqr: Powerful Volume Control For Windows

Web Site: Volume²
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Thank you the problem is solved, This is great! :)
irzyxa's avatar
I think I fixed it. The problem was in parameter LowLevelHooksTimeout which was set to zero.
A new version is available here:…
Beta Reboot is required
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I have the same problem with the Volume2.
Since the Fall Creators Update came out I have constant BSODs whenever I try to drag items on my desktop.
SculptureSheep's avatar
What a great program, I love it. Unfortunately I can't use it anymore. Since the Fall Creators Update came out I have constant BSODs whenever I try to drag items on my desktop. Same happens on the latest Insider build (17025 I guess?).
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this is great, i've chosen to hide its notification icon, how do i open settings again ?
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Run program from the shortcut or Volume2.exe
I've been using Volume² a lot, thank you very much! I also donated a while ago.

On a new PC that I just freshly installed the latest release of Windows 10, unfortunately it isn't working properly though. The processes "Antimalware Service Executable" spikes in CPU usage immediately after launching hte .exe, and it seems to terminate it instantle. Only once by mashing the .exe was I able to actually see the settings window, but then the system was frozen for a minute and "Malicious Software removal tool" kicked in and terminated it again before I was able to use Volume² at all.
I did set an exception for the .exe in Windows Defender, but that didn't help at all. It seems some feature of Volume² is interpreted by Antimalware as malicious.

I really hope you can fix this in future versions of Volume²! I'm on Windows 10 Professional build 1703.
This is great!
Exactly what I was looking for.
If this program doesn't create any crashes, I want to actually donate you some money for this great program although I am a poor student :)

Keep up the good work!
And have a nice day :)
Well I figured the program out. I have M2+scroll for volume (as well as scroll on taskbar), F6 for "only have audio from this program" and F7 for "unmute all muted applications". Buuuut, it's kind of a hassle to do it this way. Also "unmute if you change volume with M2+scroll".

I'd like to suggest a toggle feature like "F6 to toggle between active applications that are playing audio", and toggle to the above F6 and F7 functions.

Pressing F6 to "only have audio from this program" should definitely be a toggle, so I don't have to assign another button to undo the command. The "unmute if you change colume with M2+scroll" doesn't affect this.

Maybe even a "only hear audio from the latest program to be activated" would work? I don't generally have audio on from 2 applications at once, meaning, if something like a Youtube video starts playing, I want to mute everything else as soon as the audio starts playing. Then when it stops/is done, it goes back to unmuting the music or other application that was on (stream).
I use K270 Logitech keyboard with multimedia keys and VolumeUp and VolumeDown keys are not captured, so when I push them they control wrong sound card, not one that I set in program (Volume2) options - do they work like there is no Volume2 app.
OS: Windows 10 x64 1607

Custom key combination (Win+Up) works nice, but it would be nice that VolumeUp and VolumeDown key work too.
irzyxa's avatar
You should reassigne their in Volume² settings on tab Hotkeys.
No, this doesn't help. It just don't work until I close SetPoint app. But I need SetPoint App to tell me when my Mouse and Keyboard batteries are empty. Mouse has red "low battery" LED but keyboard doesn't...
I figure out what is the problem, SetPoint software was blocking Volume2 to capture multimedia keys... When I exit SetPoint app then all works as expected. But I need SetPoint software too :(
No way to fix this. I have setpoint too, for "FN+F4/etc" to start applications, but there's no way to disable media buttons and keep keyboard shortcuts. Luckily, Volume^2 has a volume bar that looks like Setpoint's, so just turn that on and run with both.
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it doesnt work for me on win 10, even the settings. I loved this app on win 7...What is wrong? In contrast , the 1.1.3 version works regularly! Is there a problem if i use an older version?
irzyxa's avatar
I recomend to use version…
Hello, I absolutely love the program! I only have one question and one request:
1. How do I purchase a key? And what kind of extra options does that unlock, if any? From the link in the program I can't find any information on this.

2. Is it possible to include a toggle for showing the OSD on all monitors in a future release? This would be really useful to me.
irzyxa's avatar
1. The license doesn't unlock any functions. You will be have information about you(Name(Email)) on tab About.
2. Yes, this is in feature list.
1. Too bad, I don't have any of those payment methods. Don't you have a PayPal account?
2. Great, thank you!
3. I also thought of something else that I think would be very useful. On right click on the Volume2 icon, there is the Peak Meter widget option. Are you interested in also coding a larger widget that shows a Spectrum Analyzer with many bars and frequency labels from 10 or 16 Hz on (maybe user-configurable)? Example:…
I think it would be a very cool feature to have that fits well into the other Volume2 features.
Здравствуйте. Столкнулся с проблемой на windows 10 х64. Программа не меняет устройство по умолчанию. Т.е. нажимаю правой кнопкой на значок - устройство по умолчанию - кликаю на устройство - меню исчезает и ничего не происходит. Горячие клавиши с этой функцией аналогично не работают. До этого на 7-ке все работало отлично.
Проблему решил установкой Portable версии в другую папку. Видимо у папки, в которую программа устанавливается по умолчанию, недостаточно прав.
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Попробуйте скачать версию 1.1.5 бета, в ней эта функция исправлена.…
I love this program! I am wondering two things.  1) Under About>License Information there's a place you can enter a key. Is there something I can purchase to help support this program and also get a key? 2)I'm running Win 10 with latest updates. Even though I've checked, under Windows System, to Run Program at Windows Startup and I've also selected Volume2 to display in Windows Settings>Personalization>Taskbar, it never shows in the taskbar after I reboot.  Each time I must start the program and click the UAC to start it.  Any ideas how to change that? Thank you.
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About UAC please read this comments.
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