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Metal Kirin

Brain, Blood, Bravery, and Battler.

Again. B'T X live action movie, anyone? :)

B'T X © By: Masami Kurumada


Pencil Sketch. (Sketch available in
Photoshop 7 with Wacom Tablet
Finished in 24 hours.
Exact runtime unidentified.
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© 2010 - 2021 irzaqi
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WOOOOOW!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! B'T X!!!!!! BEAUUU!!!!
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thank you very much, bro!
Asurama's avatar
This scared me. Great job.
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haha seems you like it. thank you. :)
Avielsusej's avatar
I loved this anime so much. You did a fantastic job!
irzaqi's avatar
well,thanks for you then. :)
benbal's avatar
Kerennn broww... mangtabbzz baru liat kirin kayak gini!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
irzaqi's avatar
heheh..makasih. yah lumayan lah... :)
widzilla's avatar
Keren bangettt!!! xDDD FAVE!!!!
Seandainya B't X ada live actionnya... -3- Kojiro aja ada, padahal anime-manga jaman jebot...

Kira2 yang jadi Teppei sapa ya...? :D
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tengkyu tengkyu.
hehehe. kalo livenya btx, bikinnya susah.
holiwud juga kalo mau masi pikir2 :)

kalo teppeinya si jastin biber mau? :rofl:
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Tapi pingiiiiin... xD

Tidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkk!!!!! Jangaaaaaaan!!! Jangan Justiiiiin! D:
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Very stunning! I love the design you did in the metal pieces as well as the idea of the blood flowing throught the machine. The smoke coming out of tirs mouth and all the amount of red gives a threatening look to the picture (berserk kirin?).
irzaqi's avatar
hoho. indeed berserk he is :lol:
i very much thank you for your appreciation, brother.
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You're very welcome!
Nana-C-Lover's avatar
OMG! O_O ... so impressive... i iked it very much, specially the details
irzaqi's avatar
I thank you.
I do my best. just try not to hurt your eyes with my low class drawing:)
Nana-C-Lover's avatar
Don't insult this master piece! >_< i love it!...
:3 it's nicely nice
HappySadCorner's avatar
Beuh!! X dateng lagi dengan wajah yang menjadi sangaaar!! Fav langsung!!! :D :D
irzaqi's avatar
terima kasih banyak:thanks:

keren kan? keren kan? :D:D
HappySadCorner's avatar
Keren abis kang!!! komik gajah madanya jga mantaph!!! :D :D
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aw. jadi malu.
uda ah takut malu2in:blush:
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