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Never Give Up

By IrvingGFM
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“Never give up on someone you can't go a day Without thinking about - Hopewell Syprien”

A well know quote in the Internet, keeping the same style as the others before, hope you like it

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(The "don't forget to leave a comment bubble" gives me trouble 'cause I don't know what to say, now, apart that "I like it" and, of course, the comment etiquette forbids such superficial statements... so, I'm invading this space just to say that I like it, knowing I'm going against the rules... hope you won't hate me for this: it's that bubble's fault, my cause is just XD) You rock!
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haha Thank you buddy
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You're welcome! XD
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The slogan was applicable until my Mother died of the cancer that ravaged her body for the second time. If she wasn't someone I was close to would this statement be more poignant?. Perhaps. Don't give up hope for a better tomorrow for all people. Thanks again =IrvingGFM.
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Thanks. I think I will be ok now :)
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But...but he's moving away and I may not have a chance to tell him how I feel. :(
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But... when they say "i don't want you to stay in my life"? I know someone who is so distant...
and sometimes you HAVE to go... and let them go BECAUSE you think of them... but it hurts to much just standing by...
know what i mean? (bad english oh...)
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Sorry to hear that my friend, but remember is just a common quote, its not mine, I just made the design :)
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But what if you don't share the same faith... what then :(
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Well im not wise enough to respond you that, but i think love is beyond faith in my opinion, and a relantionship is about tolerance :D

See ya :hug:
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the thing is if you cant stop thinking about them you cant really give up on them.. LOVE the quote tho got me thinking..
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lovely quote :D
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