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venom, eddie brock

referenced work.
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I need something drawn that should be easy for you you drew this after all this is a commission at least I think it is 
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Venom is my favorite villain in Spider Man since I was a kid and I want to be Venom on TV someday.
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Venom is a anti hero not a v
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Those three episodes were my favorite.
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i will make a colorized version ;)
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awesome venom art
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How much can Venom bench press compare to Carnage O.o 
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Venom is so awesome =)
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pg. 35 of The Amazing Spider-Man #375.  Loved this version of Venom the most.  Awesome pic.  Well done.
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nice pict. akward thing it looks like hes doing XD
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I have been looking for you for quite a while now.......... fantastic job my friend :) keep up the fantastic work my friend :headbang:
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wow thats reeally amazing!! great job!
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