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Queen of Pain

Akasha the Queen of Pain

unipin inks + watercolors

super contrast
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love her design
really amazing! i love your style.

can i ask you;

what is the original picture you drew this from?

I am 100% sure i have seen this somewhere else, but it is a succubus instead and she is not wearing any panties.

please respond! thanks tons!
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I dunno, there are tons of poses like these. I also have something that fits your description, though it is a remake. from this.
can you post it please_
jumikun's avatar
Uy Pinoy! Galing sir!
Jetichor's avatar
Prosephone's avatar
most useless hero in dota i preffer drow ranger
seanpapajohn's avatar
Nice work kua!!

kika1983's avatar
expresive shading,really interesting way of doing it;) well done,much of power in the pose:)
boogaloids's avatar
aus ah!!! c akasha!!! dota boy k dn cguro heheh

gling galing
evolz01's avatar
Pang FHM yan^^
IIIXandaP's avatar
Wow. Just wow. This is super, love the way you drew her !!
7th-Seal's avatar
Uy seksing hero ah! Go scourge!
raycircle's avatar
I love the way u paint!
JGaara's avatar
wow akasha is sexy!
Kwonpacalypse's avatar
i never realized how hot the queen of pain was
khaell's avatar
uy... ganda nito.. does it come in black and red? hehehe
warota's avatar
Good lord, she's hot!
Amiuzuki's avatar
i love her posture nice job on the pose
fav +
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