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A New Kind of Light
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A vector done for a friend.

This was my first time shading a vector, so I decided to stick to something simple. Feels off a bit here and there, but overall it turned out alright. :)

Oh, and for those wondering, the lightbulb and title is based off of Ayn Rands' "Anthem", from which EQ took inspiration for his username.
I was originally inteding to make the lightbulb the red, faint glass box it was described to be in the story. However, after a few failed attempts, I decided to simply make it a modern-day lightbulb.

Also I hope I'm getting the wiring on the lightbulb right. Looking up diagrams on how to directly wire a lightbulb to wires doesn't pull up much, and of the few things that it does pull up, I can't figure it them out. So I just took a stab at it and guessed that negative went in through the bottom.


Dunno if this does much at all, seeing how Hasbro hasn't C&D'd anyone doing fan art (at least not that I'm currently aware of), and I'm pretty sure a majority of you seeing this know that Hasbro owns MLP, but nonetheless:

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro, not me.

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Thanks, Irv!
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Irvau|Hobbyist General Artist
^ ^

Oh, and hey, you got an account!
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