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The Mystic Flute

"it's's just wonderful..
It's whispering to me softly
It now reminds of the greens and the rains and the coffee.
It reminds of the flute and it's charm..
Behold..i am just reviving myself.."

after loong days of work i was finally able complete..:woohoo:
time taken:3 days[in and out]
sources: 1 resource from #resurgere i.e., Package - Misc Textures - 3
hope you guys like it? :heart:
go to Resurgere guys!'s got the best stock in town!
and all the other stuff is mine!!:D

Comment or Critique needed!...since this is an experiment!
so comment!..
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Beautiful portrayal of the flute
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..thank you! :)
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oh wow nice work :)
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.thanks a lot! :)
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heey thats awesaaaaMMM!!!! wow love it :D :D
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.. well thanks! :D
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dont mention it :)
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.Oh! ofcourse you may! :D

Please Credit!
and may i now for what?
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Cool. Nice visual rhythm and use of color/texture in this one...
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..thank you!:D
deeply inspired by Indian Music..:)
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I totally love the textures in the background! And the rest is a nice mix of various things, I like the whole idea of it. A slightly odd piece... but a really nice piece none the less.:D
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..thanks a lot!
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for a sec in the thumbnail i thought the hand was a tandoori chicken ... i guess i should sleep now ;-)

great work :-) congrats ..
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..Tandoori??? :rofl:

anywayz..thanks a lot!!
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Featured --> [link]

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..thanks a lot!
yea! read the journal too..:D
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np! :D

hope you have voted! :)
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..loooong back!!:D
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..thanks a lot!!!
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Your work reminds me a little bit of ^archanN's art. And he's brilliant, so I think it's a good thing. :)

Great work.
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