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My Bio
Ok, here goes... part of it was scalped from my Facebook but oh well =P

About You:

Likes/Must Haves--

Can never have too much... Chocolate... Sunsets & Sunrises (Nature in general)... Chocolate... Purple... Chocolate...Unicorns... Chocolate... Imagination & Creativity... Chocolate! :heart::love: And FROGS! Don't forget frogs! :D

Dislikes/"I Don't Think So's!"--

Spiders & toxic creepy things... Mean, disagreeable or otherwise nasty people... Oysters... Thunder/electrical storms/tornados... Metro interstate driving... Airplane travel (never gonna happen!) and singers who prostitute themselves out to mass fad, falling into the same societal cesspool as the rest of the blind sheep, therefore furthering the ruination of what was once a perfectly good genre!!! I was once a Country music fan... but the majority of the so-called "new" Country SUCKS :O_o:

Basic Info:

Odd Fact About Me--

My real first name IS "Thumper"... it's not on the birth certificate, but that's what I was named before I was born and it stuck, lol.


January 21 (yeah that's all you need to know, lol)




English; Would like to learn Chinuk Wawa & Spanish

Religious Views:

"Christianity Rocks!"

Political Views:

"God Bless the USA!"

Work and Education:

Thumper's Country Creations--
Artisan/Writer/Future Micro-Eco Farmer

School of Hard Knocks, University of Life!


Pacific Northwest, USA


"I have to face up to my own life rather than hiding in somebody else's and expressing myself through somebody else." Nicole Kidman, Marie Claire 2007 (FB 2012)

"I just love people who are bold enough to get out there and do what they do and do it without fear." ~Dolly Parton, FB 2012

"Dear God, Thank you for keeping me together when I'm falling apart!" 2012

Best Friend-- (When viewing a caricature I did of my brother-in-law, lol)

"That is just so wrong... in so many ways!"

~KM (aka CL/Lil Sis)


"It's hard to start over when you don't know where you belong in the first place..."

"Life has made me what I am, but God will make me who I'm meant to be."

"Monetarily, I'm as broke as the stick life beat me with... otherwise I'm still standing."

"Hope is the moment when you finally realize you can break free and become so much more than what you thought you were limited to be... the moment when you stopped defining yourself as a victim, but as a survivor, a fighter... a winner."

"You can't live backwards. No one can go back to change the past, so live for today and concentrate on making tomorrow better than yesterday."

"A life without love is like a heart without a beat, lungs without air, a spirit without hope, and a soul without faith; it isn't a life at all."

One positive thing about Psoriasis... when you're fan-flaking-tastic (like me) every Christmas is a white Christmas.

"I'm just me, just who I am, One part poet, one part ham!"

"I am a Windspirit... I am a Fantasy Writer... irThumper."

The Good Book--

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth." [The original version (God's) of "Actions speak louder than words"]

~1 John 3:18 (NKJV)

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." [Words to LIVE by!]

~John 3:16 NKJV

Other interests (that wouldn't fit in the "Interests" space below):

Favorite Artists on dA (I have many I really love-love, so this is just a SMALL sample!):

Mirella Menciassi, aka Mirari runningwolf-mirari.deviantart.…
Kristel, aka Avanii
Monika Kodrzycka, aka Aomori
Theresa, aka emerald753

Favorite Visual Artists- Photography (Off dA)

I adore the photography of my cousin, Jay Ojua, who is a wildlands fire firefighter, among other things (he SO needs an acct here!) I also love the the photography of the following people:

Jeramya Stephens…
Craig Tuttle…
Phillip Adams!/NVWilds
Charles Hilton…

Other Fav Artists (Off dA):

Bridgette Lewis (Portraits by Bridgette on FB)…
Heather Kapica) (Legacy Studios Model Horse Art on FB)…

Favourite Visual Artist
Wow, going to have to think on that one... As far as art style goes, I love a realisim and also realistic to semi-realistic cartoon style, somewhere between Disney's Lion King and Dreamworks' Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron
Favourite Movies
Too many to list but like Classic Disney & Dreamworks Animation; Old Musicals; Tasteful Comedies & Drama; Fantasy & Nature Action/Adventure (don't care for movies which are tasteless and/or stupid or horror & gore)
Favourite TV Shows
Not a big tv watcher but I like Discovery Channel, National Geographic Wild, & similar
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Keith Urban is #1 fav! (also like other Country/Bluegrass, Native American, Moodscapes & nature effects music, various film soundtracks)
Favourite Books
Watership Down #1 Fav; Too many others to list but prefer Fantasy/fic similar to WSD; Outdoor action/adventure/animal stories; Western/Country/Native American Romance; Westerns)
Favourite Writers
Too many to list but Richard Adams, Brian Jacques, Don Coldsmith & Madeline Baker to name a few
Favourite Games
"Wild Horse Island", an online Interactive Fiction/RPG game (now closed to the public) was and still is my all time fav; I also <3 "Wild Legacy" (a tribute to WHI) but it's pretty vacant anymore, *sniffs*
Favourite Gaming Platform
B2G's classic threaded forums based RPG
Tools of the Trade
My imagination, a computer with Microsoft Office Word and/or Notepad, or old fashioned paper/pen/pencil
Other Interests
Visiting/chatting/writing/brainstorming w/ my best friend; Love the scenic beauty of nature & animals, particularly in the Pacific NW; Interested in future Micro-Eco Farming; Love Artisan Crafting & raising African Violets; Taking amateur (very) pics, lol
I posted last year about my friend, fellow unicorn lover, and DA member, Debbie Pedersen, having brain cancer... yesterday at 11:10 a.m. it took her from us and she went home to be with the Lord. :'( You're free, my friend, and in a better place, where the light of God's love shines upon your face. In Heaven above, where all sorrow's erased, you sit with Jesus in His Holy Place. I love and miss you Debbie. I hope you are riding free with the angels on the backs of the unicorns you loved so much. &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3
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Wow, last time I made an entry was for LAST Christmas (2015)/New years 2016... I need to get my buns over here more often. Haven't been doing much in the way of art &amp; writing lately, but I definitely want that to change for 2017. :)
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Since I've been so few and far between with updates I figured I'd get these two out now while I have the chance... :P As for that rain dance back in July, it finally worked... a LOT! O_o
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