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Favourite genre of music: alternative/r&b, pop
Favourite of-all-time characters: Kenshin Himura, Aang, Tifa Lockhart, Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, Seiya Kou, Usagi Tsukino, Harry Potter, Aberforth Dumbledore (what? he stood up to Albus and is the only one who could scold him)
Personal Quote: Bee humble

How I got my username: In Trigun, Wolfwood asked Vash what his real name was and Vash answered, "My name is Irrelevant." Lol, verbal irony is kewl. And it was the turning point in the story where Wolfwood dies so it's a tribute to him. Maverick is from Megaman X (a video game). It's a strange word so I used it because it defined me.
Yo! It's been almost a year now since I've updated my journal. So- YAY IT'S 2013 I'M GLAD I DIDN'T BELIEVE THAT CRAP ABOUT THE END OF THE WORLD. Haha, at least people's reactions weren't as bad as the Y2K stuff.

Glad to see you all. I draw and sometimes write fanfics from time to time. I've sketched my puppy (now he's a big boy) and posted it up in my cubicle. My coworkers loved it. Unfortunately, I don't have my own scanner. I have other plans for my money so even though I do want to share them with you (makes me uncomfortable scanning my artwork in public areas) I'll probably do so but it's going to be WAY later. I just wanted to take a moment to commemorate my wishes for my Naruto fandom which is something I've been following for almost as long as I've been a Potterhead. The main characters are like family to me-love them most of the time but they drive you crazy in the things they do in the story.

My brothers bought the Naruto DVD boxset and introduced me to it back in, I'd say about 2002. I was hooked from the intro. It was rockin' and I liked the flow of movement of the characters. I think it was the color scheme, the natural colors of well, nature: sky and grass. During the 1st intro, it changes from morning to afternoon. You can really see how beautiful the colors of the sky changes in that one intro. The animators have a good eye for depicting the contrast between dawn and dusk. But it's more than just the brilliance of animation: it almost "introduces" the story of a ninja in training. Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are at the beginning with the rise of the sun. They're the main characters. The first character we delve into is Naruto who, in the intro, is the first face we actually get to see. Of course, we can't forget Kakashi-sensei who appears just after them; coming in late as usual. They've been waiting for him for a long time just like in the story and in the intro, it looks about 9 am (whatever, sundial/judge their morning shadow). As the intro progresses, what do we see? If fans remember, Kakashi taught them to climb to the top of trees to learn how to keep a balance of molding chakra. What's important to note is that we see Sasuke at the top of the tree, the ninjas have trained and reached their goals which is what they try to do with their missions/training in the story. Then toward the end of the intro, they're obviously in live combat, ready to fight!

But what's touching is at the end of the intro, they're just regular kids. They're not just ninjas which makes the idea, my idea, of what a stereotypical ninja is like: tough as nails and quiet get thrown out the window in favor of a more human light. Naruto fist bumps his friend, Sasuke. Sakura is smiling like her usual cheery self and Kakashi watches over them. It's the story of Team 7's relationship in one intro!!! Color me impressed. The animators who story boarded that intro deserves an animation medal for their fucking brilliance. Watch it here:…

Anyway! I love Masashi Kishimoto's sense of humor. He is a very good storyteller. There were times when I talked to my friends about anime. Unfortunately, most of my real life friends enjoy bishoujo manga. So only my brothers and a couple of guy friends I could talk to about Naruto. I remember once I was having a not-so-deep conversation about Final Fantasy VII with a couple of my anime friends, and my non-anime-fan friend told me she thought we were talking about real people. Haha! But I don't mean to separate my friends into those categories, I just called them that for simplicity's sake.

Uzumaki Naruto is undoubtedly my favorite character. He's zany, he laughs, cries. He wants to be carefree, but some people don't understand that he's actually not what you'd describe as a carefree person. Son Goku from Dragonball Z is a good example of a carefree individual. If you insult Goku, he hardly cares. He might say, "Hey, that's not a nice thing to say" but he doesn't feel too upset nor will he raise a finger at you unless it's over something important. When Neji insulted Naruto, you bet your ass he got up and tried to get back at him. He just wants to be is all. He actually cares too much. Take that frog coin purse he has. I remember when I first saw it in the anime (at the time I first saw Jiraiya episodes, I was keeping up with the anime and not the manga), I thought that it was totally not something I'd expect of a boy like him. But later on I realized it did indeed suit his character. You would think since he's so roundabout and wild as others would call him, he wouldn't give two sticks about carefully putting money away. But he did. And now here's what I see Naruto as: roundabout and sensitive. He's actually careful. But it makes sense since he's had to take care of himself. He maintains his own apartment which didn't appear that messy and probably had to learn the hard way about budgeting to be able to feed himself.

I totally love that his coinpurse looks like a full bullfrog when there's a lot of coins in there. I will definitely be going out to buy one.

Haruno Sakura is one of my favorite female characters. Let's be real here, there are some female anime characters who are either too refined and polite OR too much of a pretty airhead. Here is a girl who not only talks and laughs like a regular girl, but also gets serious and scared like a regular girl. Masashi Kishimoto seems to understand that there's mostly extreme personality for female anime characters depicted, but what about a more real girl? So when I saw Sakura scold Naruto about the chalkboard eraser prank on Kakashi-sensei but inwardly thought it was the kind of prank she'd like for getting back at someone (in this case, Kakashi for being super late), I fucking thought yeah, this is how most girls would be. Sure, we do the right thing and take the higher road and like me and my friends, scold the guys and our brothers for doing stupid stuff, but truthfully we do think it's funny sometimes. And Sakura makes me laugh anyway since she's like Naruto: getting super into situations and overreacts. I laughed when she was dodging Lee's kisses. I'd hate for her to turn out to be this mature and boring girl/woman who just looks pretty and says deep shit. Nothing wrong with a girl who has more than two expressions.

After Jiraiya and Itachi were killed off in the manga (Haha my friends have heard this speech a million times) I couldn't bear to read nor watch Naruto for over a year. Then my curiosity caught up with me and for a whole summer, I caught up with, strictly speaking, the Naruto manga. I can't say I caught up with the anime since I only watched a few episodes that I wanted to see the animated version of chapters in the manga. I've always wanted to see a rematch between them. Jiraiya is my 3rd fave and Itachi my 4th fave characters in Naruto.

There's this one filler Naruto Shippuden episode about Naruto's clones having a distinct personality I'd like to recommend to a Naruto fan. It was hilarious.


By the end of the Naruto manga, I wish (or maybe I'm anticipating):

-Sakura-chan and Ino would be besties again. Sure they've rekindled their friendship after Sakura cut her hair, but it's like a Goku and Yamaucha relationship (they're there for each other but not exactly close). Of course they had to spend time with their team mates on missions/training but hey, isn't there a girl version for bros-before-hos code? J/k but the girls/women in the manga don't seem to spend much time on friendships with other girls/women. Do I have a beef with Masashi Kishimoto on this? Nope, but it feels like most of the time the guys have cool awesome friendships or even rivalries damnit. Like Kakashi and Guy.

-Lee!! Well, I'm thinking right now what it was that I've always wanted for that green beast. Lessee, I want him to talk to Gaara. I can see them as good friends or maybe they could have that rematch too.

-I'm so glad that I don't have to wait for Hinata to stop stuttering. Fucking drives me nuts. I remember a scene in one of the many Naruto movies where he was trying to go to the bathroom but since he's polite he waited for Hinata to finish her sentences. To quote him "Spit it out!" SO... I wish Hinata could cut her hair, I actually liked that short hair cut she was sporting back in the day. It had character.

-Kakashi-sensei, I want him to write his own book. Write his philosophies, his trials, his errors, dreams and stories about ninja he's met along the way. To travel and basically be the 2nd Jiraiya and just enjoy life. He's calm, but Kakashi ain't close to settled.

-Oh boy, Sasuke-kun. My wish for him is to accept the things he cannot change, the courage and the fucking patience to change the things he can and have the wisdom to know the damn difference. Also, to eat more.

...last but not least

-Sakura to tell Naruto how she feels about him. I friggin' want them to marry but what I'm WISHING for is to hear (well read) what her response would be. Friend or lover? If it's friend, then so be it. At least I'll know. But yes, NARUSAKU IS THE SHIP I SAIL.

If you're a Naruto fan, I'd love to know how you got into it. If not, if you're a Harry Potter fan, how'd you get into it?
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