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Looking Glass - Alice Hatter

Alice/Hatter fanart for the Syfy miniseries Alice. If you haven't watched it yet do yourself a favor and watch it RIGHT NOW.

Angsty angst. Because I like angst!


When I was giving this my finsihing touches I suddenly realized that it looked strangely familiar and then IT HIT ME. I was drawing zutara.

I had help from this great tutorial.
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aliceblueshade's avatar
The feelings for this miniseries will never truly leave me. This is fantastic. 
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
Seems like a romance. :)
Tigereyes45's avatar
I love this series! You did a good job coloring this.
aliceinthematrix's avatar
Aww. I love it. Very well done. Captures everything. That was a brilliant series. Nick Willing did a great job; I thought that Shawn had been involved in the background, too, along with CWVS and SLM (The Pretender, most notably, who also worked on Tin Man) but I could be wrong. Anyhow, this is excellent.
MistressKaylin's avatar
This is just incredible! I just love the heck out of this!
PrincessMarilla0913's avatar
THIS IS SO SAD! *laughs* Good thing I know they end up together in the end. :)
isaacsflower's avatar
"If you haven't watched it yet do yourself a favor and watch it RIGHT NOW."
I couldn't agree more!!!!!! This is a fabulous drawing of them, I don't know if you've watched Doctor Who, but this reminds of the scene in Doomsday when Rose and Ten get separated in different dimensions...either way, it's great and thanks for sharing it with all of us!
ravensong17's avatar
That's EXACTLY what I thought when I saw this!
alexiroseni's avatar
wow, this is so's exactly how I pictured them feeling the moment Alice is through the glass. Great job.
Runforthestairs's avatar
This is beautiful and inspires angsty fanfic in my brain. ^_^
Fallonkyra's avatar
I love this movie, You have done a wonderful job on the piece, you amazing with your art.
Friendofdragons's avatar
I absolutely love this mini series! The Alice/Hatter dynamic was so cute! I really love this! :love:
Lilain's avatar
I totall love that mini series! Awesome work!!
lostboys123's avatar
i love that moive !
This just reminds me of Doctor Who...
JadeTorchwood's avatar
I love this picture of Hatter & Alice. It reminds me of that scene from the season 2 finale of Doctor Who.
MoodYOYO's avatar
This is perfect! You've captured them both perfectly! Well done :) xxx
RikkuKaylinn's avatar
This is wonderful. I love it
Wolfie-the-Wanderer's avatar
YamiPharaohess's avatar
lookin rather Doctor Who there... specifically Doomsday. cept Alice here is dark-haired, not blonde, and Hatter "needs a shave" (and a freakin hug! i mean, c'mon!). obvious difference in clothing for the two pairs too, of course. nice work... so glad they didnt leave it here. there really wouldve been a riot XD
sylviajohns's avatar
I love them together ^^
boo-im-a-ghost's avatar
LOVED the shy fys show, LOVED hatter and Alice, LOVED this pic :D
MartyWitch's avatar
Great picture! I really like it. :D
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