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LIAB - Children

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Published: October 28, 2009
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True story.

Meet Max (3), Julian (2) and Sasha (2).

Don't get me wrong, children are adorable but who has the time to do this 24/7?!

I drew this as an excuse to try to new brush pen! It's so pretty!
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I totally feel you there. I have four little cousins I babysit. They're like my own personal birth control.
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RosewindowStudent General Artist
so true.. :P
Nelipot's avatar
NelipotProfessional Artist
AHAHAH!! I babysit three kids too! Liam (6), Conner (3), and Charlotte (19 months).
That's exactly how it is there, but I love them and definitely want kids of my own one day. :)
superpower-pnut's avatar
heh, between my cat and the ppl at the home, i confirm this every day!
ScreamsSilently's avatar
I completely agree. I'm babysitting right now. It's nap time so I took a break and came on DA :)
But, yes. Children are VERY needy.
madameraposa's avatar
wow sounds freakisly familiar tho babies love me the minute i hold them its nap time even when theyre teeathing(sp) but past the age of 2 forget it they want nothing to do with me other tan using me as a zuko piggyback machene (it also doesnt help that they got the idea from watching avatar with me ....>.>shame on me but i have alot of cousins and christmas if my famlys fave time of dumping them on me .....i always tell them i liked you better when you still drooled after you ate.
imcalledkitty's avatar
So true. You realize that you never knew that you actually hated children.
heidisunflower's avatar
heidisunflowerHobbyist Interface Designer
Babysitting= Best. Birth control. ever.
JasmineLeilani's avatar
JasmineLeilaniHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ahhh I remember the 3-for-alll! Ugh! (used to babysit my brother and 2 cousins, two years apart the whole lot).

Wanna watch mine?? He's only 3 months ;) hehehe
wolf-girl87's avatar
wolf-girl87Professional Artisan Crafter
Wait til their a couple years apart to have each child, that way you'll have little helpers. :D
d-fly's avatar
Ha! :lmao: I'm an aunt and I love my nieces and nephews to bits, but the best part of them is being able to send them home with their parents!
injoyfruit's avatar
injoyfruitHobbyist Traditional Artist
ha, i love the expressions.
and yay! i missed LIAB!
TheRedPenofDoom87's avatar
yeah....sometimes I think kids are the best form of birth control :)
bowen13's avatar
Ah, see the trick is making sure the kids have a gap in their age. I'm 19, and my siblings are 16 and 12. A good 4 year gap or so helps ;D
MrsNox's avatar
MrsNoxHobbyist Writer
Amen. :love:
rashaka's avatar
Well, who wants three? Three is too many. :P
Irrel's avatar
IrrelHobbyist Digital Artist
I know right? How do you even fit 3 car-seats into one fuel-efficient car? It's madness!
sarabi's avatar
sarabiHobbyist General Artist
XD ahahaha, the last 2 are so my nieces. "i'm REARRY done!" "i need more milk <3" :love:
ru2563's avatar
lol true, but it's diff when they are YOURS
devil-slut's avatar
devil-slutHobbyist Traditional Artist
Same. I worked at a school/toy supply store geared towards elementary schoolers and younger.
Never have kids.
Bee9's avatar
omg and you have to deal with the tremendous two's =D
i do want children, though ^.^
Shairlyn's avatar
ShairlynHobbyist Digital Artist
I heartily agree! Baby-sitting has put me way off kids. >.<
hentaibunnyinc's avatar
Oh, parenting isn't THAT bad. It's actually better to space them out than have them close together. Because then the oldest wants to help out and turns super sweet till the little one is old enough to steal toys =P And THEN it's hell, hahaha. My son's four now, and there was nothing more fun than raising him. While yes, it can be a nightmare (imagine this strip, only without them strapped down, and replace the food with crayons, chocolate milk, and babypowder [I have pictures on my devart for proof]. GOOD TIMES!), in the end, it is sooooo worth it. Now my little boy is all groweded up! He starts kindergarten next fall. I want those hellish years back!

I'll just have to pump out another one in the next few years ^^
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