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Braid - Morgana and Gwen

"It's alright, Morgana, I can braid it myself."
"No, no, I'll figure this out!"

Morgana and Gwen from the BBC show Merlin.

Sketchy sketch. Just excited about the new episode tomorrow :D
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they're both so preeeeeetty
WeebleClock's avatar
Wowwww this is so pretty! I adore your colors and simple lines <3
MorganaMockingjay's avatar
MORGANA AINT EVIL!!! She just has her own side, which isn't Arthur's so that's why people call her evil. I am on her side. I can see only her side. I guess I'm what the ppl call 'evil'
Mari-Jowee's avatar
Awww ... that was before she turned evil :(
ChoqueFrontal's avatar
This is so sweet :)
I was completely bewildered when their friendship ended so sharply. I thought they were going to fight for what they shared, I still can't believe the writers screwed it up so easily...
NaokoElric2250's avatar
This picture is sad when you look at it in hindsight.
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
wow, that's adorable! i must check out your gallery.
Dolce-Chocolate75's avatar
This is such a sweet sketch! You colour very well and their likenesses are great but still in your style. Can't wait for the third series! Why can't September get here fast enough!xD
severedscythe's avatar
Augh that's lovely! <3
shanmarii's avatar
I loooove that show
Mase-chan's avatar
Whata nice little scene between them ^_^. You have a lvoely style, their smiles are... catchy, their hair looks so tangled and tangible and the simple yet bright mix of colours of their dresses are lovely!

FemFishTherein5's avatar
jenwryn's avatar
I really like this. :)
Edniz's avatar
Oh my God, I can't believe Avatar fans are actually Merlin fans too!
I was thinking I am the only one but I met one today, and I saw you now!

I really love this picture, you draw Gwen and Morgana very well. It looks awesome!

This is really an adorable show...
Spleef's avatar
I love the colors and linework you used for this.
kironomi's avatar
Ah, what a beautiful moment!
neroglitzerin's avatar
Very beautiful! Especially the simple way you colored this. The expressions are great, you can almost hear them talking :heart:
HollowKonpaku's avatar
Nice. the facial expressions are really rich. Is that show good? I was named after I hope it is.
Irrel's avatar
It is really good :D
xlovelylightx's avatar
MaximK's avatar
I don't know the show, but the picture is really sweet ^^
Edniz's avatar
You should watch it :)
muffinpoodle's avatar
Eeee! Awww! they're so cute! x3 Your likenesses are really good here~ ^^
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