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86. Choices - zutara

86. Choices

What will happen when they meet again? *hopes for a big fight*

I wanted to draw a fanart to have something pretty to print and put on my binder XD *dork* So I made this, here is the larger version if you want to print it too: [link]

Vaguely inspired by: [link]
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I actually wish you'd dressed Katara in blues--her clothes are throwing off the polarity of the two images. Otherwise, though, I really like it, particularly the way you've done the fire.
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wow! lovely work!
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I really like Fire nation!Zuko and Katara in your style. They look excellent!
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That's awesome! I like it a lot!
xXxQaudrusxXx's avatar
Wow ..
Just Wow ..
Alexwind's avatar
WOW VERY NICE indeed^_^

great drawing.
I love Zuko's hair. Its smexy! Did it just get hot in here?
omg! they look amazing their exspresions an fabulous!
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these would be awesome bookmarks :0
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XD "Hopes for a big fight" lol Katara: Zuko! Zuko: Katara! *fireballs/waterwhip/firewhip/ and other tricks Katara has/explosion* WHOOOSSHHH!!! *end of a 29 min 59 sec fight scene* Last second few secsonds= Aang,Toph, Sokka, Azula and Iroh: 0.0 rofl! That would be like the best episode ever! Anyways, wonderful picture love the colors :)
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The coloring is GORGEOUS. And the way you drew the elements, they're beautiful!
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I'm guessing you saw The Awakening? And the flashback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the only thing keeping me alive after every stabbing *knife goes through heart again* bout of Maiko to my Zutara heart!! *wound heals miraculously* Your art helps too. What I'm wondering is how it all happened, why are they suddenly making out? These are the questions that haunt me in my waking hours and torment me in my nightmares. Anyway, despite my ramblings, remember what I said about your art helping? It does, it really does. Thanks.
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its alright, its all gonna be ok. wanna know why? because mai breaks up with Zuko in the Beach!!! YAY!!
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I'm reading this at like 6 in the morning and I'm still wondering if this is all a dream! A wonderful, beautiful dream! I'm healed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new favorite episode, and I just saw the preview, but now I might have to find a new icon...... Anyway, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!
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oh wow, they look just like they do in the third season! That's awesome.
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The color contrast is quite lovely.

I'm hoping for a big fight too.
lol katara has that look that says "You gon' die bitch."
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And there should be make-outs. :date:
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Hot. Soooo hot.
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This is gonna be my new binder cover. Loverly.
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I really, really like the look you gave Katara. You can feel the anger in her eyes!
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I don't like Zatara but the pic is really GOOD! ^^
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