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The Infallible Mercenary (MMX:U49) by IrregularSaturn The Infallible Mercenary (MMX:U49) by IrregularSaturn
This is an attempt to redesign Baronel from Mega Man X: Unit 49 to better match with the design patterns of the X series. 
This is his former design:
BaronelSpr by IrregularSaturn 
Originally, Baronel resembled X a lot, because he was supposed to look like a generic civilian Reploid, having only two rocket boosters in his shoulders, a simple appearance that fools enemies who underestimate him. Actually, Baronel can reassemble and morph his parts to adapt his fighting style to anything he needs in unexpected ways. For that reason, he became known as "Death's Swiss Knife". I am not telling all his abilities now, because he is yet to show them in Chapter 17 "Frenetic Dance", which will be published in June.

"Baronel" is just one more false name used by this mysterious Reploid mercenary, whose past is unknown and lives to serve as an infallible tool of murder and robbery for influent people, with no purpose of his own. He is serious and always sticks to the mission, but his mood can change if he finds a strong opponent. What makes him an excellent mercenary is that he can make turnarounds even in the most disadvantageous situations, manipulating his enemies to act the way he needs in order to win. Despite his lack of a greater motivation, the mastermind Saturn managed to earn his interest and loyalty, and together with Shad, Kran and Keros, founded the Neo Maverick Army. Later, Baronel would lead a mission to steal the two superweapons of the Earth Forces called "Red Sun" and "Blue Moon", along with another mercenary called Arang.
Irian-Knight-Dragon Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018
really nice job on this I love how you mix colors
Veratai Featured By Owner May 31, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
groovy :3
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