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MMXU49 S2C16: Winged Rampage (Pg 30) by IrregularSaturn MMXU49 S2C16: Winged Rampage (Pg 30) by IrregularSaturn
Let's remake the bets: A single overpowered Maverick against a whole army. Who wins?

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Mega Man X and all of its characters belong to Capcom.
Alia sprite by FXFreitas and kensuyjin33.
I do not own any of the official arts/sprites/backgrounds used in this comic, if they are present in this page. They're Capcom's © - Mega Man X and Zero sprites were made by several authors.
Textures from X8 were ripped by Sprite's INC.
Special thanks to The Mega Man Knowledge Base.
Feedback is appreciated.

Check the MMX:U49 Wiki by clicking here! It may have the explanations for your doubts, and it's updated after every arc completion.
It is interesting to see a pixel art comic, I don't really have a opinion on that art style, but you seem to be able to make it work. I would say that the format looks a bit too flat. I know the games were 2D, but the introduction of the "overpowered maverick" when it's dodging bullets in that first bit was less than impactful. I would suggest more of a emphasis on the blur or after image and make elements of his surroundings light up with his shots, as well as change the angle to give him a better spotlight. Your backgrounds are great though. Not too busy or too out of focus. I think that another improvement could be pixel art font. The current font stands out a bit too sharp, and contrasts the blocky design of the action and characters. It's not really an issue though.
What do you think?
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