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MMXU49 S2C15: Disturbances (Pg 33) by IrregularSaturn MMXU49 S2C15: Disturbances (Pg 33) by IrregularSaturn
Try to use Kyushuken on a grenade. It would explode either way. Baronel does not mess around.

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Mega Man X and all of its characters belong to Capcom.
Alia sprite by FXFreitas and kensuyjin33.
I do not own any of the official arts/sprites/backgrounds used in this comic, if they are present in this page. They're Capcom's © - Mega Man X and Zero sprites were made by several authors.
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UncleBobby Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
It seems Zero and ride armors don't mix. First Vile, now this wacky recolor. 

I get the feeling Zero is not going to fare well, win or lose.

Either way, I'm caught up again, well done with the effect with this boss fight, and the previous one, Saturn.
IrregularSaturn Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, Zero does have a tendency to sacrifice himself, at the same time he's the most skilled hunter of the trio to hold the Red Sun. He could get out of this unharmed, but since that Ride Armor has much more weapons and better attributes, he will still be surprised a few more times.

I'm glad you're still around! The next chapter will be full of boss fights and hopefully I'll be able to post with a higher frequency than one page per 2 days for some time. There are still 47 pages in stock and I don't want to wait until June to publish them all, but I still need some pages in schedule to not let the comic fall on hiatus again.
UncleBobby Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2018
Makes sense on all counts with Zero and the Red Sun. Sounds like it would have been a sweet fortress boss in a game.

And yep I'm still around. Thanks for having me. I'll be checking the comic out regularly even if I don't always comment. I'll try to though.

Once again, keep up the good work my friend.
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