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Ok so yes it's been ages since I've been on let alone uploaded anything new. lol. But I finally am! I've just started watching the Madoka series and like it so I hopped on board for drawing her. I really liked doing this piece it was tons of fun. I did it by hand with a few minor touch ups using PS but it didn't need much work on there, mostly adjusting the color. Oh! and if you look closely you'll notice the checkered shape in the back is Kyubey. lol evil little sucker!

Tools: copic markers and pens, gear shaped stickers, airbrush and white paints. :)

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I love this, you've really captured the melancholy of the series whilst adding eye catching colour. I'm still tilting my head trying to see Kyuubey but I'm sure he's there, the little bastard is never to far away! 
Again great job, it's good to see you active again. :)