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Kassnea print options by IrrationalArts Kassnea print options by IrrationalArts
The above image is merely a sample. For the actual print itself, you either:
:bulletgreen: choose one of the above fairies and give or take away the name and I will post another submission for you to buy the print or
:bulletgreen: customize your fairy with any/all the options shown below. It will cost extra, however, so contact me for a quote.

How to go about ordering/customizing:
:bulletred: message me stating that you wish to buy a print of Kassnea
:bulletred: choose a base fairy (A, B, C, D, or E)
:bulletred: list the changes you wish to make to your base fairy
:bulletred: I will make the requested changes, set the price with additions in mind, and post the commision for you as a separate deviation for you to order the print from

Options for this print include:
:bulletblue: different hair (COLOR--black, blond, red, brown; STYLE--short and curly, long and wavy)
:bulletblue: different color clothing and skin (any color)
:bulletblue: slight alterations of the clothing (skin or tights, simple patterns on clothing, earrings or no earrings)
:bulletblue: whether the name is present; the color and name if present
:bulletblue: multiple fairies on same print (costs extra; contact me for a quote)
:bulletblue: background colors (white, purple, or black)
:bulletblue: eye color (any color)

Most options are shown above.
:bulletblue: hair color (see all)
:bulletblue: hair type (see A and B)
:bulletblue: earrings (see B)
:bulletblue: clothing color (see all)
:bulletblue: skin color (see all)
:bulletblue: number of fairies (see A and B)
:bulletblue: background color (see all and deviation 'Kassnea')
:bulletblue: name (see all)
:bulletblue: clothing alterations (see A and B)
:bulletblue: eye color (see all)
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June 30, 2011
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