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OC Corner <3

{C} for PandaSakura by peonyhime
Original Characters Stamp by milkyribbon OCs Stamp by himawari-tan

Captain Casey Anee Lee : Fo4 OC Bio
"It's either for sheer good or survival doll, it’s rarely personal. I want that clear."
Strength: 6
Lee is moderately strong able to hold her own in a fight and deliver some major blows if the need arises.
Perception: 6
Lee’s aim is nothing to brag about. She’s rather good with a gun with some Brotherhood of Steel training and what she learned from the Old Longfellow. She can make a few headshots on occasion but that doesn’t happen often.
Endurance: 4
With Lee endurance is a dual sided coin. What Lee lacks in Physical endurance she can make up for emotionally, being able to think herself out of highly pressured situations or caretaking for those who need her despite being emotionally wounded. However in a fight Lee has a tendency to put down her hammer as soon as she lifts it relying on her pistols and using her sledge  as a last effort. She's unable to get enough hits in for the hammer to be completely effective or run far distances.
Kazumi Nii Bio
Introduction of Character
Flowers need time to grow...
Name: Kazumi  Nii
Age: Appears 22
Actual Age: 263
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Cry baby, Boobie tails
Birth Date: Unknown but is celebrated on June 18th
Species: Soul Reaper
Occupation: Temporarily the world of the living and a 3rd year student of Karakarua High school
Full time Soul Reaper of the Soul Society
Squad: 5
Seat: 3rd seat
Affiliation(s): Soul Society, Gotei 13, Karakarua High school (temporary) , World of the living (temporary)
The Character’s Appearance
Kazumi's a very busty and somewhat chubby German woman, sizing at an E cup sized chest..  She likes to keep her hair in two perfectly parted pigtails that are held up with pretty ribbons that are color coordinated to match her outfit. Her long dirty blonde  pigtails reach d
OTOME: UTAU Character Sheet
About Vocal

Bank: CV
Language: Japanese
Voice Actress: PandaSakura
Copy Right And Ownership: PandaSakura
Status: Private
Day Of Publication: April 6, 2016
Date Of Release: Plans for 2018
Official Artist: PandaSakura
Item: Frozen Yogurt
Friend: Pandi (PandaSakura's Official Mascot.)
Genderbend: OTO
Terms And Conditions: Otome is to not be reposted without credit, stealing will not be tolerated. Do not redistribute, use the designs seen here, or use voicebank without knowledge of creator.
Download Link: N/A
Official blog:
Introduction to Character

"Sweets and happiness make life worth living, and my words are filled with happiness, I want to share my happiness with more people..."
 Full name: OTOME
Hiragana Name: おとめ
Kimiko bio
Name: Kimiko
Nicknames: Kimmy, Arrany, Brat
Age: 12
True Age: 60
Base Form: Arrancar
Birthday: January 28th
Gender: Female
Height: 4’4”
Weight: 90lbs
Blood Type: Unknown
Marital Status: None
Affiliation: Squad 13
Team: Jushiro Ukitake, Rukia Kuchiki, and Hoshi
Previous Team: Currently closed
Seat: Currently closed
Relatives: Currently closed
Education: No education
Appearance: Kimiko’s short but a normal size for her age. She looks around 12 which could be argued because of her tiny developing chest. She has pink hair that washes into white roots that she likes to keep into pigtails with black bows. Her hair is somewhat curly at the tips. She has short bangs that rest right above her eyes and frame her face. She has a dark purple eyes that are mostly always glaring at people. She has bone fragments remains of her hollow mask on her face on her left cheek, it’s rugged and somewhat shattered bone pieces that appear to look like multiple sets of teeth. H

Hibiki Shine bio
Introduction of Character

Are you a fan of magic?
Name: Hibiki Shin
Age: Appears 25
Actual Age: 980
Gender: Female
Sexual preference:  Lesbian
Nickname(s): Captain Shine, Girl wonder
Birth Date: Unknown but is celebrated on
Species: Soul Reaper
Occupation: Captain of Squad 3
Squad: 3
Previous Squad:  Captain of Squad 0
Affiliation(s): Soul Society, Gotei 13
The Character’s Appearance
Body: Hibiki shine isn’t afraid to show off her body, long legs, well breasted, and a apple shaped butt she has the typical showgirl appearance.
Soulreaper uniform: A small bunny jumpsuit with a sash in the middle tied into a bow, and net leggings. Shine enjoys the traditional showgirl look, and since she’s mostly always wearing her captain’s u

Akane Nightingale bio
Introduction of Character
Name: Akane Nightengale (Ah- kan-a  Night-in-gale)
Nicknames: Red Lady Maid, The Red Clock
Age: Looks 20 years old, but real age is unknown
Gender: Female
Birth Date: Undocumented
Death Date: Undocumented
Species: Reaper
Occupation: Simples house maid, servant, pet
Base of Operations: Undertaker’s Funeral Parlor, London
Affiliation(s): Phantomhive
Status:  Alive
The Character’s Appearance
Akane appears before people as a strange girl dressed fully in red. There is nothing more that she loves more than dressing up and whatever the Undertaker would like to see her in, but her most prized dress out of the costume collection some funny some not is her deep red dress that fits her and makes her look as pretty as a rose. She likes to wear that with a dark red peplum that hugs her legs that she had att
Dragon's Queen Bio
Introduction of Character
Name: Carrie
Stage name:  Dragon’s Queen, Queen
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birth Date: May 22, 1864
Death Date: 
Species: Human
Occupation: Circus
Position: Fire Breather
Affiliation(s): The Circus
The Character’s Appearance
Carrie is a little bit taller than average height, thanks to her three inch heels she appears taller than what she really is. Just like her sister she too is well busted and has long pretty black hair that she straightens every day. Carrie likes to wear her hair in two pretty buns that have long braided tails from each side of the buns. She likes to straighten her hair and not show off her long curls so her bangs don’t get messy and so it doesn’t get in the way of her performance.
Carrie likes to wear colors that are flame related. She wears a dark red h

Ruffly Bow by socksyy Ruffly Bow by socksyy

:heart: Pairings :heart:

Kazumi x Hazuki ( GakuKamui123 )
Akane x Cannon Undertaker
Bara x Takeo ( Omnimon1996 )
Sandy x Yuki ( GakuKamui123 )
Kimiko x Hibiki (GakuKamui123 )
Akari x Ultima ( GakuKamui123 )

Character references

UTAU Otome Ref by PandaSakura
UTAU: Snow OTOME: 2016 Concept by PandaSakura


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❤️ Welcome ❤️

✿ PandaSakura . 21 . Illustrator
Hello everyone, my name is Panda Sakura. I'm a freelance illustrator with a love for Vocaloid and Fallout. I tend to draw a lot of Fallout fanart here especially of Nick Valentine, along with vocaloids. My main goal here is to have fun! : D

spring day // bts
My Children
Request LadyUkitake by LaraLeeL
coding by baekmii


Pink Status by YuikoHeartless

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F2U Sparkle by piirmyTo-Do List

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ferrugineum heart bow b by DiegoVainilla
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ferrugineum heart bow b by DiegoVainilla
ferrugineum heart bow b by DiegoVainilla
ferrugineum heart bow b by DiegoVainilla

Copyright ~ image by Nimylu

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