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The Aspects of Opal Keen!!
I might have mentioned before about how Opal was a superhero, but if I didn't, here it is!
Opal Keen is a harvard grad who knows every language dead or alive, fantasy and mythic. After extending her mental prowess to it's limit, she wanted to work on physical strength. She was already strong, but if she could get stronger, it would be better.

The local armed forces rep got wind of this and offered her a unique experience. Not only would they set her up with their most talented intelligence operators, but they'd also offer insight to a project conducted by a group of scientists, where they offered her a suit of armor that would enable her to get stronger over time, along with a set of insights and knowledges fit for it. The prototype of the armor was called PARKER.

This project was then transferred w/ permission to two independent scientists who work on behalf of an unnamed parent company, but they pretty much do their own thing, Cable and Gauge, who were able to refine the knowledges and split the prototype into 7 different aspects of herself. They also refined access to these aspects by the use of hats.

There were 6 specific hats they had at the lab to initiate the change of aspects: A top hat, a beanie, a witch's hat, a birthday cone hat, a race car driver's helmet and a graduation cap. As for the last hat, I'll get to that. The aspects that each hat would give access to had the first letter of its name embedded into the hat itself.

The aspects' names and their abilities are as follows:

color: Black and white
nickname: "The Baseline"
Abilities: as TOMMI is the baseline, TOMMI provides access to the other aspects, and it is from her that Opal must change to an aspect of choice. TOMMI also possesses the ability to create doppelgangers of herself and the other aspects that can act independently of TOMMI and Opal. Note: while TOMMI is the baseline, she doesn't have to go through TOMMI every single time she wants to change aspect. If she wants to, she can jump directly to a particular aspect. She can do so by switching the hats,more details will follow. Please bear with me.
Weapon of choice: Teleportation magic and illusion magic. Particularly spells to cause others to fight on her behalf.
This aspect is not meant for fighting, it is merely a crossroads to open the door for other deadlier aspects.
Hat: Top Hat

Armor(Updated version): Dark Blue
(Original): Light Blue
Skin: Light Blue
Eye Color: Teal
Nickname: "The Ice Maiden" & "A Gateway"
Abilities: WYNTER's main ability is weaving frost magic. When that fails, she employs a deadly battleaxe/sword combo! A neat thing she can do with said axe is that she can lop someone's head off with the axe, and the head will freeze solid. She will then take said head and smash it into the face of another enemy, put them on the ground, and then stab them with the sword end. 

As I mentioned that she is "A Gateway", this means that she has access to a much deadlier version of herself. Some claim it's not her, but someone or something else, a beast known in the nightmares of the toughest gangsters to be "the essence of", or, a literal volcano imprisoned within a flame retardant suit of armor and given a name and an axe to grind. Her name is AGNIMITRA, but most people refer to her as Agni because that's all they can say- before she explodes.
Hat: Beanie (still deciding on this, may change to a santa hat.)

Armor color: Red and Orange
Skin color: Dark Pink
Eye color: Red
Irises: Orange
Abilities: AGNIMITRA, or Agni, was spoken of in the shadows of the darkest corners of gang hideouts, and was said to be "an incarnation of hell itself" wrought upon the land by some ancient and pissed off deity. At least that's what the media's stories and people that have been in the area of what they believd to be "a cosmic shift", or her exploding at the edge of control. AGNI also claims to be a master swordswoman!
Her main ability is weaving fire magic through a device that she claims was given to her by "aliens." The public and the media both disagree strongly on this, as it's public knowledge that after this project was handed on to Cable & Gauge, they put the "blueprints" online, and will grant access to any who ask kindly. The device, not known by name to any but it's owner, is but two handles, almost like hilts, with a spot for a lightbulb at one end, and a button at the other end. The wielder can create any number of one handed swords by thought and a press of the button. At least this is what Gauge believes, as AGNI would not relinquish the weapon to neither her nor Cable upon it's initial "making." Upon their initial observations of witnessing AGNIMITRA practice with these holographic swords, they noticed that she was able to dice and burn several practice dummies with ease, but yet, when they attempted to feel the "blade", it was merely a warm beam of light. More observations lead them to conclude that the blade was using the kinetic energy from AGNIMITRA's swing to become a solid object, and slice through objects like butter, and after the energy was gone, the "blade" went back to being holographic, and upon a press of the button would cese to exist as immediate as the light shutting off. This device was not powered by batteries, nor was it solar powered, and upon prying it from her grip one day, it didn't work, at all. More observations lead Cable to convince and ever more stumped Gauge that the device was a vessel for her magic, and that it was powered by pure anger and hatred, all provided by AGNI's searing grasp.

Cable believes that they can possibly increase the potency of the magic given off by AGNI. Gauge commented that they don't have any resources in the lab that could even come close to what they want. Cable agreed, but mentioned that there was a friend of a colleague from school that she remembered about that would be able to help them. She'd had contact with her a long time ago, and it was high time she checked back in.
Gauge asked who she was referring to, and Cable said there was an Alchemist who moved into town recently that was offering a reward to find some rare samples of something she needed for a project. Her name is Celeste. Celeste McMahon. She wasn't prone to stick her nose into other folks' business, and didn't want to bother anyone. Gauge remarked that We'll give her a call...! (More details will come.)
Hat: no hat, as she has her head covered. She is an aspect of an aspect. (An aspect of WYNTER)

Clothing colors: Light blue shirt, and purple ripped jeans w/ dark blue and black skate shoes.
Skin color: Yellowed orange
Eye color: Purple
Nickname: "Master of Disguise" & "Miss Bond"
Abilities: Wherever there is a superhero, they always need a disguise to get into a party, or a fancy Event. This is GIADA's job. As the infiltrator, she is well-versed in disarming security systems, cracking codes on safes, all that mission impossible and James Bond stuff. 
Weapon of Choice: Her body, firearms, & whatever is nearby.
Hat: Graduation cap. (She can have this hat be whatever she wishes it to be.) (Most often, it's a backwards baseball cap)

Clothing color: Magenta sleeveless shirt, jean short shorts and white converse.
Armor add-ons: White compass, pink neck guards, green jetpack, pink wings, USA flag (Red, white and Blue) wing & United State of Zatagonia (Brown, Red & Orange) flag wing, orange details on white arm and leg guards.
Skin Color: Peacock blue
Eye color: Red
Abilities: Jocelyn is our high flying protector of the skies. She can fly up to speeds of 100 mph. She has a weapon attached to her arm she calls an Axord. Obviously, it's not on her arm in this picture, but an Axord is a sword with axe heads on the side of it.
Weapon of choice: Axord
Hat: Racecar Driver Helmet

Clothing colors:Pink, Black,light green, Red, Pink, Yellow, blue, purple, light green, light blue, orange, dark blue, red, light green, and yellow.
Skin color: Orange
Eye color: Dark Blue
Abilities: HALEY was created to "scare" The Citadel. He doesn't like Pumpkins, Fire, or Axes. Obviously, she isn't wearing her pumpkin head, holding fireballs or her double headed axe, but you get the idea. She is capable of hovering above the ground with the boosters in her feet. Her outfit is not meant for flying, especially at high speeds
Everything about HALEY is meant to be grand, out there, extravagant. She's supposed to be extrvagant because that's how this aspect is.
Hat: Witch Hat

Clothing colors: Black w/ teal outlines
Skin color: Teal
Hair color: Teal and black
Eyes: Teal
Abilities: PAULINE's powers are granted to her from the lights around her. She can channel these lights into a weapon of her own making, a cardboard periscope, that has been imbued with her magic, blacklighting it and making it deadlier in the process. With this new weapon, she has changed the periscope into a wepon that can charge up a blast of light to burn out the retinas of her enemies. She can also teleport using the kinetic energy released by photons up to a 100 mile radius of where she initially was.
PAULINE's color scheme was inspired by Disney's TRON movie.
Hat: Birthday party hat.

Opal, TOMMI, WYNTER, AGNIMITRA, GIADA, JOCELYN, HALEY & PAULINE all belong to me. I created them.
Base Credit goes to: Azura-Bases 

A Big thanks to Azura-Bases for providing this for our use!! I really appreciate it, as I'm sure the rest of the community does, even if they don't say it!
This took quite a while to type up, but I'm finally ready to unleash this bad boy to the rest of the world!!
Dani Cable and Josey Gauge!
Dani "Cable" Dangerfield is The Laid Back one of the group, and Josephine "Josey" "Gague" Laurent is the serious one, with a penchant for always wanting to see how things work. She wears a compass, called: "The Hive", around her neck because she does interdimensional travel quite often, and if she truly does "get lost", The compass is equipped with a emergency wormhole deployer (EWD) that will take her home no matter where she is.

These ladies are independent scientists, meaning that they work for themselves, and they can choose who they work for, when and how long they'll work. 

However, to get one fact straight, Cable is not Gague's yes woman, nor does she act as the "Kronk" in the equation, just to pull levers and such.  She works alongside Gauge, and the two of them publish the work under both of their names, even though Gauge does most of the work. Josey bounces ideas off Dani and sees what flies back in order to get a better understanding of the situation before her.

These characters belong to me, I created them!
I created their poses, I did not use a base for these two.
The Evolution Of Kallie
This is the evolution of Kallie Simonds, as she is now known.

Kallie Simonds, in her current form, and the other earlier formats all belong to me

Leftmost picture is her first variant, then she was purple girl for a while before growing that hair out and then getting it chopped off for fear of putting her neck out trying to hold up all that hair.

Kallie is the lead singer of The Sun of Redemption.
I came up with her stances on my own, no need for crediting this.
Trinity Sumner and Amy Romanelli
Ames and Trin run a charity diner called “The Table Of Plenty!” The Table is run off the concept of the first parts of the first three lines from the song of the same name by Dan Schutte. These are: “Come and eat without money”, “Come and drink without cost”, & “come and sit at my table where saints and sinners are friends.”was set up in a rich housing plan with the intention of providing food to the poor folks in the area. Everything at this establishment is free and the rich folks in the plan are generous and leave $100 tips for their employees. The Table is overseen by the church that’s directly across the parking lot from it, but not in the same lot as it. Amy and Trinity have attempted to remove any immediate connections to the church within their establishment as to not scare away any potential new customers. They realize that there’s still a major connection in their operating statements, but they haven’t had a problem yet...
Their employees are paid by means of the return the church gets on the ordered food. It’s a complicated process of comprehensively recording their specifics of everything that their customer orders, including the pounds and oz. of it and then mailing the ledger to the church. The food is then ordered based on the previous day’s activity and according to the food that’s ordered most often. The church is aware that people are unpredictable, and the company they order from are ready at any time if they need materials.

Base credit goes to: TeePew


IrradiantSunlight's Profile Picture
Mike Slezak
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Real Account Of WarpGateExploit10. I realized That I don't Need to take ideas for names from Other people if I can formulate something original on my own. I pulled the namesIrradiant and Sunlight out of the air one day and ran with it. Eventually my curiosity got the better of me because I wasn't sure what Irradiant meant so I looked it up, of course, and this is what I found
Irradiant means bright sunlight

As such I have found that this term has a double meaning for me and my personality!

1.) I always manage to find a positive in every situation


2.) People that I know personally have told me that I light up the room when I walk in and that I make their day a lot brighter!



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