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Kowalski the Physics Teacher

Kowalski the Physics Teacher
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Well... i would like to have Kowalski as teacher. But i'm in 8th class... so last year of high school? Lol
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STORY OF MY LIFE! Being a physics major was not my best idea xP
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I hope my Physics teacher won't be like this. But I wouldn't mind having a talking penguin as a teacher! XD
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Reminds me of my physics teacher... :skull:
MadJesters1's avatar
Well.... I pretty much fail THAT class. XD LoL
EppopinkfangirlXD's avatar
LOL exactly how he'd be if he was my physics teacher. But if he's doing physics, then why is there chemistry and biology stuff on that chalkboard? O_O
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Pffft, the answer is obviously 2 mol H20/1 mol O2

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yea i go to a fairly new school were only 11 or 12 years old and graduated our first class two years ago so im kind of glad we got anato,y intedof physics i am not good aat simple mathi can memorize procedues and every thing but i screw up the easy stuff but im really good at working the scalple
this was compleatly irrelavent i am sorry for what looks like spam
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my lizard ate my homework Mr.Kowalski. derp :P
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Freaking obvious if you're Albert Einstein!
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