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:iconironwillplz::iconsaysplz: Iron Will's my name training ponies is my game.

This group is a fangroup of a character Iron Will from the cartoon My Little Pony Friendship is magic.
Seeing that there's not any group for Iron Will (or any noticable one) I decided to create one for one of the most assertive character.



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Why a group about Iron Will ? WHY NOT ?!
He's one of the most memorable background characters.

Gilda has 4 or 5 fangroups
Even cameo characters like Screwball and Screw Loose have their own club ! Not to mention Steven Magnet...

So here he is ! The one and only IRON WILL !!!
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:iconironwillplz::iconsaysplz: By founding me, you have founded more than you can expect. ;)

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:iconironwillplz::iconsaysplz: thank YOU for choosing the best solution for self-affirmation and assertiveness !
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