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The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of Katirok - End Duel



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This is a scene from the final battle between Link and the Sheikahn dark wizard Agahnim in the "Shadow of Katirok" fan story - written by Andy Pinkston and Mikey Patch

"Some time ago, before the King of Hyrule unified this country, there was a fierce war in our world."
— Deku Tree Sprout

Link awakens from a terrible dream of war and destruction. The last time he dreamt of something so significant, Hyrule was overthrown by the bearer of the triforce of power. He had to travel through time to change the course of history. But maybe this change made a new path for evil to tread.

During the Hyrulean civil war for the triforce and the sacred realm, 2 warriors saved Hyrule from the Garo interlopers from the north.One (the most powerful) was a Fierce and loyal knight of the King named Ealit, and the other was the prodigy of the sheikah named Agahnim. Under the direction of the Majune, the matriarch of the sheikah, Agahnim betrayed Ealit and the king in a plot for obtaining the triforce. The traitor sheikahs were executed and Agahnim was banished to the desolate land of the Garo in the north called Katirok.

8 years later, the time of peace granted by the Hero of Times victory, is coming to an end. Agahnim survived, and has returned far more powerful that ever before. Link must find a fierce power from the past in order to protect the future.
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This is beautiful