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This is a fun little illustration which is one of a batch that I did for the inside pages of a new Dungeons and Dragons - Eberron campaign book, published by Wizards of the Coast, that is out today

The art description I got was:
This illo depicts Zartarxis, an adult green dragon. Centuries of inactivity left their mark on Zartarxis. Decades of gorging himself on meals delivered right to his maw fattened him to a state of obesity nearly beyond belief. Zartarxis’ green scales stretch taut over his girth, and stumpy limbs peek out from his plump body. The dragon’s face droops, and his lidded eyes are little more than slits, lending him an air of perpetual sleepiness.
Zartarxis reclines in utter sloth on a soft bed of leaves, his distended belly spread out below him. If there is room in the illo, a troll minion feeds him bloody meat.

(c) Wizards of the Coast
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Feeds him bloody meat and is Zartaxisnext meal also