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Winter fantasy

A huge thank you to for the idea that inspired this painting.

Every year I paint a winter themed fantasy artwork to send out on my cards. This scene shows that even elves and dragons like to brighten up their woodland with a little seasonal decoration ;)
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Great painting :D
*I added it into my favourites :D
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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Okay, that cinches it.  You've earned yourself a new watcher.
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I bet dragon helped this elves girl to find a star for Xmass tree lol
left...right... too far! just a little it!!
that's a very patient dragon!
great picture!!
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X0-EKS0-X0's avatar
I would love this on a holiday greeting card!
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Epic! Its perfect!!! :D
cole8449's avatar
Outstanding, cool idea executed with great craft and artistry.
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beautiful and wonderful 😊
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Very nice. I all ways wondered how the star got up there.
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Love, love, love...
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wonderful and beautiful drawimng *_*
Very beautiful!
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Wow! Beautiful! :D
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Hnnnnnnnngh!!! <3 :D I love this so flipping much. I can't even.
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oh my gosh that is so pretty!!! i love it a lot!
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That dragon is so majestic and mysterious, yet it has a lot of personality for some reason. :) Same goes for the elf. I love the detail on the scales of the dragon's chest and head.
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Excellent Concept
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Hello and Merry Christmas!!:D Featured this amazing piece- huge fan of your work, btw:D-over here:[link]
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