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Winged companions

After a long day flying around these two winged companions take a rest in a forest glade.

.... or maybe you have another idea for what is happening in this scene? Comments and ideas are always good to read :)

Painted in Photoshop. I really like painting dragons but sometimes all those scales can be hard work!

Huge thanks to Elandria for the figure reference [link] that was a great inspiration for this image.
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I very like all Collections of Anne Stokes
and I like her...
i love it where did you get the inspiration from?
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It's wonderful...
Vividly gorgeous and amazing.... 
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I love this!  This is my take on what story is behind this picture:

"A curse has robbed the Dragon of its flight.  Abandoned by its own and hot with despair a final visitor arrives.  She gifts him her own power of flight and the fallen angel becomes the first dragon rider."
I found this years ago, and have been using it as a desktop background ever since. I am so happy that I now know who did this amazing work!
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OMG! I saw picture in a book I got at Barns&Noble!!!!! I love it!!
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Wow, I have seen your pictures all over the Internet for the longest time, and now I finally found the artist who made theriese beautiful works of art. I love your art.
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can i please use you pictures for my story please?
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I bought a t-shirt earlier, with this beautiful art on it! Its such a coincidence that I end up finding you on DeviantArt the same night! XD
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A lot of people wrote you that this painting or every painting of you looks wunderful but i must do it again too, because this is amazing.
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This isn't you're picture, It's from Anne Stokes, she's like one of my favorite artists...
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can I delete that... you are Anne Stokes
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WOW!! what program do you use?!
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You captured what I have in my mind when I read a novel by "Anne McCaffery" and the Dragon riders of Pern
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Interesting. Very, very interesting.....

I like it. I like it a lot. *snort*
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very nice
Thank you!
I am also deeply touched by this painting. It depicts a very beautiful companionship, honest respect, deep trust, and genuine love. I love it!
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I I'm touched by this beauty (faint)
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[link] Just thought you should be aware. I have reported the theft.
It's not theft. He just made a better version that's all.
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It's theft: he took an existing design and modified it without the artists consent. He did not create his own original piece, but visually and obviously ripped this one off. That's theft. According to the rules of this site and according to copyright law.
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