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Water dragon

I've been wanting to paint a water dragon for ages! I also have an idea for a giant one swimming underwater, but that'll have to wait for now.

What do you think is the story behind this image? It just sort of happened and doesn't have one, but I feel that it should. If any of the writers amongst you would like to suggest an idea it would be really interesting to hear what you come up with. Or if anyone has a better name than "water dragon" please let me know - I am afraid I am pretty useless at thinking of names for my paintings! ;)

This was a commission, but the client just requested a female character in water with a fantasy theme, and you know me, any excuse to paint a dragon :giggle:

Hope you like it :)
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This would be a great dnd scene. "An elf notices a baby water dragon in the water and picks it up. She holds it without a single feeling of fear, disgust, hate. She simply feels curious about why it was there in the first place.

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This water elf found a young injured water dragon and is picking it up from the water and is going to heal it! 
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i found this pic on google images years ago and downloaded it. now i found the awesome owner!!
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Love this 😍🖒
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You don't need an excuse to paint a dragon - being bloody amazing at painting dragons is a pretty good *reason* :).

I can't offer a better name than Water Dragon, but in my headcanon for the picture, the girl is half-dragon herself, and the two are sisters.
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 Caught red handed.  Guilty!

The woman has been looking for her misbehaving, disobedient, naughty little pet and finally caught him after hours of search. Her pet, a youngster just adopted last week, has not responded well at all to any of her efforts to train.  Sometimes, actually more often than not, she really wonders if her precious new companion really thinks it is all just serious good fun to traumatize the entire household!  But hey, that's ok I guess, because she can not find it within herself to scold or punish him for his errant ways.  She picks him up, trying to portray some kind of an authoritarian presence, looks at his guilty face and smiles.   Behold the cuteness!  Oh well, tomorrow is another day. . . . . . .


You really have a remarkable talent!  I have never before been able to sense emotion from an illustrated character that seems so very real.  It is not forced, overdone, or even all that obvious.  It is just there.  There within all the many little things that show this.  Little things such as the facial expressions of both characters, hers an indecisive blank not knowing whether to scold and punish or to simply behold the dragon's cuteness and give him a hug,  the dragon looking as if caught red handed at something forbidden, knuckles tense, tail curled, horns laid back awaiting a possible scolding, and neither one of them even seem to notice there just might be a bit of a water problem . . . . .

I carve glass, mostly table tops.  The next time I do a large panel I hope it will be a dragon.

Iron Skye
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Perfect! Beautiful!
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Clap A beautiful piece! How about an elf princess rescuing a baby dragon from a water filled dungeon.
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A Stunning Masterpiece! WOW! EPIC!
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I have this on a mug
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I think a good name for a water dragon is Gill. I got that from Wings of Fire, Tsunamis dad a Seawing.
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I love dragon and I love this picture
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hey I don't know if they have permission to sell this, but the pyramid collection is selling a clock version of this
 20151016 110349 by Bansheeda
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I bought t-shirt with this water dragon☺ i real like it. Good job .
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I love this artwork, I even have a dreamcatcher with Water Dragon on it! :) How about An Aquatic Friendship for a more creative name?
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They had been looking for one another for a very long time. When they finally found each other, they could not help but to gaze longingly into each other's eyes. They looked different now, but that didn't matter. A bond as deep as theirs recognized each other by their souls not their forms.
In this lifetime they had traded positions. She no longer had to be the subservient one, though she still felt somehow that he would end up with the most power.
In the end those thoughts were fleeting. A slow hiss reminded them of their original purpose. She paused only a moment longer than he did. But it was that moment that sealed their fate. That one second of hesitation that determined they would have to find each other once again in another life...
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I love this! it's amazing!!!
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oh my.. i have this picture of my Clock! :la:
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I like the word "Enraptured". Now who is the one enraptured? He (dragon), seems enthralled with her. While she is looking at him with a sort of loving motherly look. Just my thoughts. I really love this! Truly beautiful work!
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I concur with your statement
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I love this picture! Such a cute blue dragon!
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