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Victorious dragon

By Ironshod
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This is the cover painting of my dragon calendar, which you can see more of here [link] and as you'll see on the cover the dragon is looking up at the title and the fire overlaps the border. The image also appears in full for the month of June.

The publishers chose this image for the cover as they thought the red of the dragon would be a good stand out colour on shop shelves. The picture originally had a celtic cross in the background but for the calendar I changed it to a stormy sky for a little added drama. I generally paint digitally which makes making changes like these much easier.

Hope you'll like it!

Rarrrrrrragh!!!!!! ;)
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This dragon looks almost like they're air-guitaring with that sword.
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LupaWolfeHobbyist Digital Artist
There are no words to describe how awesome this is.
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DragonyDoodlesHobbyist General Artist
awesome!  i've never drawn a dragon without hind legs.  I like how you did this thought, i'm thinking that he slithers around like a snake when he lands
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i got that guy on my sweater!!
(So happy.)
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You're one of the best dragon artists I've seen :)
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ihrtasabHobbyist Artist
so awsome love detail
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Omg so it is yours!! I bought this picture from a stall in town a little while back. I fell in love with it instantly and had this feeling I have seen it before!!

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was this in a calender? i think i've got it :)
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This is so cool!, im learning how to draw dragons at the moment but nowhere as good as this, just trying to get the basics down in terms of drawing them and shading with photoshop and stuff^^
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This is an Awesome work of art! This is more properly called a Wyvern, rather than a Dragon, but the attention to detail and the skill in execution is absolutely beautiful! I am humbled in the presence of such great talent!
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Awesome picture! I believe that is actually considered a Wyvern rather than a dragon but still rocks!! I am in awe of your skill!
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xilethegunnerHobbyist General Artist
i love this! it needs back legs though. unless u wanted it to b a chinese dragon! wonder what it acheved...
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orcanos Photographer
Victory is cool
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Hey one question....Did ECS (a motherboard manufacturer) happen to have the same art in their boxes(did u make it)? I was surprised because I have one O.O ...sick dragon BTW,
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Achkata1995Student Digital Artist
I see a lot of detail here ... :)
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wonderful looking dragon excellent add in with the sword
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SwirlyEyesHypnotizeHobbyist General Artist
So cool! Holy crap this rocks!
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nevan1Hobbyist Digital Artist
He is a bit like the god of fire in draks religion
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It kind of looks like he's playing a sword-like guitar, this is awesome!
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Draconic1Student Writer
He as a force that cannot be stopped...
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