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Steampunk dragon

Tomorrow (October 8th) I will have a stall at Leeds Steampunk Market, in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. This is the first of its kind and is organised by my good friend and fellow artist Geof Banyard. Details of where, when and who will be there can be found on the Facebook page linked to here [link] The venue is great as it is an old church (Left Bank Leeds, Cardigan Road). It starts at 12 until 9pm and there will be lots of stalls, art and entertainment all themed around Steampunk.

I have painted this new Steampunk style dragon especially for the event. For me Steampunk is all about inventions and I enjoyed creating the dragon design and the concept of it being mechanical and hanging from a pocket watch.

The first 20 people at the Steampunk Market to come and say "Clockwork dragon" to me will receive a free signed limited edition print of this artwork :)

I hope you like it :)
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Hi, A thief called MiaPrintsPro is advertising heavily on facebook, selling stolen art through p.o.d. shops and through amazon.
I saw your work and thought you should know so you too can report / takedown this pirate.
If enough of us report them, them may get shut down for good.
This facebook  page ad (one of many)  leads to p.o.d. shop selling your art.  and /draogon-cbo-6    
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Heart Love that dragon. One of the most beautiful steampunk illustration on internet! Hey - Bye Fella (Reactions) 
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This Is So Cool!
Am Probably Gonna Buy It!
*No Money*
Oh Wait Am Poor ;-;
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I am not sure if this is stolen or not, but I thought I would let you know it's here.
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OMG! They made it into an actual clock!
*ordered* :)
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Is this the one from the Spiral Direct T-Shirt?
I think I have that shirt. Didn't know it was your design.
Thank you for your cool art
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That is incredible!!!! I LOVE steampunk-styled dragons! *o*
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I really think this is an awsome and unique piece that's definitely worth the time you put into it!
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Stunning Design! WOW!
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Looks really good. Love the steampunk design.
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wow!! i love this!! its so beautiful! steampunk dragons for the win!
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Hello ma'am, I am pretty sure that you'll say no, but could you allow me to use a cropped and or cut version of this as a header and or icon on a Tumblr Role Play blog of mine?

Sorry if this is sounding rude, I am just asking to be sure and will respect your anwser.


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This looks great! Wonderful work on the details and coloring.
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KYAAAAA steampunk + dragon = awsomeness!
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Beautiful! I wanted to let you know that I featured this piece here
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Dragons and steampunk? Now this is epic! :o
I would really love to see it as a necklace so I could where it and of course I would make sure people knew who made it, it is very beautiful I love steampunk and dragons
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