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Spirit Guide

I left a lot of space in this image. I hope it adds to the mood and meaning in this subject, as the composition draws your eye to the right and to follow the angel wherever she may be leading. The beach and ocean is symbolic of the path to other shores of the mind and soul.

I hope you like it :)

Thanks to `Elandria for the reference that I used when painting the figure.
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My Wife got me a print of this - in the form of a scroll...

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Fabulous!! Thank u for sharing
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HEAVENLY! Stunning Work!
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i have used your beautiful angel here in my Flickr gallery
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Anne  you  have had and will many creations,, But surely this will always be remembered as one
of your best,,   and it captures the idea of who and what a spirit guide is,,  thanks
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I like how you made the wings large enough to actually take her weight. :)
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I discovered this picture when I lost my feline soul mate, he had a beautiful soft nature and lovely aura surrounding him, so where I have his ashes I have a porcelain cup with this image next to him, so to me she symbolises his guardian angel holding the key into the afterlife. I'm a highly sensitive person so every time I see this image it reminds me that my boy is ok and I feel a sense of peace and calm come over me. This picture means more to me than Anne could realise. Thank you Anne.
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I have this painting on my wall.
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Grrr!!! I wish I could do half as good as that!!
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How can't we like it?
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Oh gosh! This is awesome!
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I just loooove her wings!
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Sooooooooooooooo Beautiful!!!!!! The Light Is Perfect, Thank You
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wonderful !!! :love: :clap:
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Love the background :)
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It's the wings! You captured the sense of wing scale and detail perfectly here. The ray of sunshine works so well to highlight the message and symbolism. Light with no sense of darkness in this painting.

I cannot stress enough how well this image would look like painted on a wall of a Catholic school or poster or ceiling of a church. Just the mixture of tones and the iconic image of the angel gives a sense of renewed hope and stress relief when looked upon. I really like how you mist the background, providing the sense that this angel came to help because it is not a clear bright sunny blue-sky day. And with her presence, the sun shines anew with one ray and beacon of light and hope.

Again, would be nice to see this angel as a 3D figure. Your wings are just so captivating to look at.
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it said alot with out needing too:)
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Angelic capture!!
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Absolutely beautiful angel picture. Amazing!
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So beautiful:-)

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I have this T-shirt! :0 [link] · [link]
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