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Spiny Woodland Hopper

This small dragon lives in woodlands. The spikey brown scales act as a camoflague against the tree bark on which it hides. Food consists of nuts and berries and the occasional bug.

Hope you like him ;)
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wonderful work
thank you
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I remember that this pic is what made me start spending more time on DA. It looks so realistic and the dragon's design is just amazing :) .
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He just looks so realistic! It's so unfair, it makes me want a dragon even more! Why can't your drawing just come to life? They look real enough already!
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A really great dragon!
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I love your art! Could I please write a story on all of the works I put in my favourites PLEASE? I will give you all the credit I promise!
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awwwww he's soooo cutteeeeee
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really wonderfull !
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Finding something like this in a forest would be even more epic than that hot pink lizard sighting years earlier.
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I am an artist and a writer who's always looking for inspiration from photos or illustrations. This is an amazing pic. I love it! :)
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this cutie looks a lot like my dragon... been searching for a perfect dragon tattoo for years and this is it :)
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Love him, so cute!
Thankyou :)
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Wow! it looks real!! Nice job!!
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:squee: OMG, OMG, I just cannot stop pressing Fave!!! All of your art is sooooo amazing!!! :clap::squee:
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<3 love love love this!!
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Awww :heart: I adore him! I want a little pet mini-dragon ;_;
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ok, i`m totally SCREAMING out loud now! All my fave dragon pictures come out to be drawn by the same person!!!! OMG!
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Ok I bet you have a greenhouse and you're raising that baby dragon in it!!! This looks to real to be put on deviant it should be on a t-shirt or somthing!!!!
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it looks so real!
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it looks extremely realistic!
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I think small dragons are vastly underestimated because they can still breath fire and eat somebodies cooked remains. They are meat eaters and like any other reptile they would eat eggs and rodents at this age. But I don't think they are limited to that because they could easily take down cattle or a man with their flames. XD
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