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Snowflake fairy

This seem to have been the month of the fairy!

Here is a winter themed snowflake fairy that I have recently painted as part of a set of fantasy artworks that were commissioned for Yule cards. The cards will be available later in the year and I'll post some more of the artworks from the set when its a little nearer to the festive season ;)

See my other recent Autumn fairy art here [link]
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I have this card and I LOVE it <3
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Incredible, I love the "halo snowflake" behind her head, the illumination is wonderful, excellent work
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Absolutely beautiful! Great job 😊
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Ice fairy! She's gorgeous.
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is she in faye armor? wicked :)
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Excellent, excellent work! Very lifelike and well done!!!
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This is so, so beautiful.
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I totally enjoy all of your work and will be in search of new ways to say how wonderful and beautiful your art work is.
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I love fairies this is very beautiful with snowflakes and the winter colors I love how you do the dresses for all the fairies
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Beautiful image ! Beauty, charmed and smile with grace ! Good job ![link]
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this i sooo beautiful, im going to have it tattoed on my right shoulder...;-D
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This is amazing, i as wondering if i could use this as the basis for a character im working on for D&D campaign?
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I saw this promoted on the Facebook page "Fantasy Art Addiction." ([link]) You have a gorgeous gallery! I love your sense of color and flow while maintaining a sense of realism, even with the fantastical subject matter.
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Well I feel completely stupid. I just realized you ARE Anne Stokes. Lol. It IS a beautiful work of art. I just thought someone was stealing your art and got so upset!
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Love it. Now you just need a spring and summer and I would get the set!
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