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The second in a series of artworks featuring angels and dragons, with their colours themed around different types of metals. It is called Silverback.

The dragon is about to fly away on a mission and the angel wishes him farewell and good luck. Or the senario can be whatever you like it to be :) Art can be symbolic of an emotion or a feeling, and I hope this picture shows two creatures that care very much about each other.

The first in this series is Copperwing, which you can view here

I hope you like them :)
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Absolutely Beautiful!:heart: :D
HammerinInkminer's avatar of my closest friends would love this piece.  you really are one of the best, this site has to offer.
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Desperately wanting to see the ones for iron, gold, and steel.
I have this same artwork on a clock!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Fantastic Work! Love the heavenly glow that surrounds them...
RolandLatoreSpeed's avatar
Vividly gorgeous and amazing...
I love it!
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That's love 😌
NightStatic01's avatar
scarlet.nightfury on instagram has taken your artwork without referencing it
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I just love, love, love your work ~Very loving and that's so much what this world needs <3  
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Extremely beautiful!
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This is so inspiring... I'm in the mood to write a whole story based off of this. Unfortunately, I have to first finish my billions of other works :) Btw your artwork is now my new favorite thing c:
lord-of-the-shadows1's avatar
it almost looks like they are a couple or something or is that just me?
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Me encanta!...Sencillamente Precioso!Sweating a little... 
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Wow, amazing.


<font><font>Ternura para con la bestia.., Angel y Dragon Hermosisimos...!</font></font>
this is an amazing piece of work, can't wait to see the third :)
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It's like the soul of a man and a woman, i guess.
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reminds me of the yu gi oh dragon
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