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Silk Lure

By Ironshod
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I planned this artwork to initilly looks like a nice fairy. Then on closer inspection you see a more sinister side, as the fairy entraps her prey with a silk lure, accompanied by her spider pet. A femme fatale, she is beautiful but deadly.

I hope you like it :)

My thanks to ~Rebecca-Parker-Stock whose photograph I used as reference for the figure.
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So she's a spider fairy?
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Just like Poison Ivy. 
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Beautiful and deadly indeed.
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Don't bring home to mother....
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I'd love to see one with a fairy trapped in a spider's web. 

I thought that's what this was at first.
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Got this art on my wall ..  
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In my living room at home I have that picture in there it's awesome. :D :) Nice work on that and all of your art so I'm going to add you to me watch list. 
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This is literally my favourite fairy picture ever. Great, great work.
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my mom just bought this for herself for christmas. I have Prayer for the fallen for myself, and also bought another one of Prayer for the fallen for my aunt. YOU ARE AWESOME!
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wonderful !!! :love: :clap:
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Wow... That's so pretty!
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Very nice work. Actually bought some tiles of your artwork in Leon, spain.
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Love the spiderweb!
Beautiful fairy! Lovely tones!
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Amazing!!! :love: I love her wings and the tattoo on her leg is just a lovely detail :love: I love the sinister side to this also, it's really neat to see faeries portrayed like this instead of only being sweet and innocent :heart:
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i am not a fan of spiders at all but this pic is very cool :D
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It is beautiful especially to detail
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I have this exact one hanging in my room ;) love it! since it has the "Anne Stokes collection" with the little dragon symbol thing on the bottom right corner, I found you on DA :p
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I Googled 'dark fairies' because when I redecorate my room it will have dark fairies be the theme. This came up, I really love this, so I drew it. I. FAILED. SO BADLY. Half of it cuz I used colored pencils.... but I can't draw realistic faces, and I can't draw legs, feet, arms, and hands at all.... And then when I created a dA account and say this I was like "MUST SEE WHO DREW THIS!!!!" Sorry that I copied, I didn't know what I was doing at the time, I ate a lot of sugar at it was in last September or October...

I love this, this is beautiful! And a lot of other artwork you do! :D
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I love how you did everything, specially the wings! So epic!:love:

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Wow! inicially looks like she is the prey, but one second after i see that she is the web owner. Good Job!! a tricky fairy!
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Hehe she's beautiful...
Unless if I hate spiders xD But she's really cute
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