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Serpent's Spell

By Ironshod
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The Medusa is a great character and I enjoyed painting this darker style image. I hope by using a symmetrical composition and lighting effects the focus is brought to her face and mesmerizing gaze.

The idea behind the subject of this artwork was a powerful sorceress who has cast a spell to make herself appear as the Medusa and hypnotise her "prey". Perhaps the writers amongst you have some other ideas as to what is happening or could elaborate on this theme?

Thanks to ~mjranum-stock whose photograph I used as reference when painting the figure
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Love how you made her beautiful rather than a hideous beast that is typically depicted. :D
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Worst daydream in mythology class. Beautiful work!!!!
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Awesome wor. I love mithology.

Your gallery is very interesting :)
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Wow! Great detail and balance! This kinda reminds me of a naga, too. :)
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Best medusa I have seen! brilliant!
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wow muito bem feito :clap:
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u are truly my new most fav hero!!!
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Magnificent masterpiece! The composition is a total astonishment! Marvelous work!
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This is the best Medusa I have ever seen! I think it is told that Medusa was a very gorgeous woman and one of the many goddesses of Greek mythology cursed her because they were jealous, or perhaps she had done something to offend the goddess. I can't remember the exact details. But I think you have captured the rage of cursed years and of her deadly beauty and charm very well.
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medusa was cursed by a goddess because she fell in love with Posiden and slept with him in the goddesses temple. anyways, the goddess was so angry she turned medusa and her two sisters who had helped her into gorgons.
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Wow this is amazing. I always imagined Medusa looking like this
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Beautiful amazing details ^_^ She looks so real
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Can I name the snakes :D
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WOW!! It´s so amazing!!!!
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the threshold draws the eye to hers.
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Wow! I didn't like most of the Medusa interpretations I've seen. This finally is a great one! =)
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This is my favourite of all yours!
I was devastated when i couldn't find it on the Spiral Direct website on a shirt or something because i deffinatley would have bought it!
The picture is excellent and the details are fabulous!
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o3o damn. I love it!!
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Actually, I was thinking lamia, but gorgon works too xD
I love her hair. Very gorgon-y.
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Don't look in her eyes! It's Medu…
*turns into rock*
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ohh pick me -raises hand- i know the myth of her ^-^ hear goes:

She was a beautiful woman who had flurtered with Zuis, and for her punishment he wsmade quote un quote "uguly" and bound to ber a serpentine forever with the hair of snakes.. One look into her you'd become stone, the only way to kill her is the use of Atheina's magical seild which would reflect her apperance back at her, freezing herself..

I can tell you that She wasn't ment for bad and regrets her wickedness but yet noone would listen to her
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