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Rose Fairy

This new gothic style fairy is based around a theme of roses and thorns. Beauty and pain. The fairy is draw to the beauty of the flowers. Like a drug they entice her, but the thorns scratch and her sadness remains.
Or of course you might think it means something entirely different :) That's the great thing about fantasy art, it can mean whatever the viewer wants it to :)

I used a photo of the lovely *faestock as reference when painting the figure. I hope she comes back and posts photos on DA again soon. They have been a great source of inspiration to many people, and are always a pleasure to look through.
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Ohmigosh.  This is the painting that I had a poster of above my bed at uni.  It was such an inspiration to me, especially when I was going through a rough patch.  I always saw it the entirely opposite view - no matter the pain and scratches from the thorns in life, there is still beauty to be found.  That's how I always saw it, anyway.
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Enchanting! Superb Piece!
I really like most of your art. But this one I love!
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Yay! Roses are one of my favorite flowers! And I may be to old, but I like fairies!
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Gorgeous work, as usual!
My love of this piece is that I see that the fairy and the rose are one and the same. She is beautiful and draws you to her, but her thorned wings and heart can draw pain.
J'aime tellement votre travail, les couleurs sont resplendissantes, les  effets d'arrière plan sont superbe.
J'adore tout, tout, tout , les roses ainsi que les épines et la jeune fille qui sera blessée d'une manière ou
d'une autre.
Merci de votre partage

I simply love this. The details in the face are fantastic. It's not cartoony like so many fairy pictures are. The blending of colors are beautiful.
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Ha beauty and pain because of the thorns and petals, I've thought of that once but then just thought no one will understand it but I guess.......I'm not alone!!!

Well anyway your pic is full of beauty and elegance!!
Love it  ....     I just out two and two together as I was thinking you were posting Anne's work but you are Anne ..  Amazing work as I have some of your work on my walls as I bought some huge Fairy Paintings as your Fairies are like the Cast Resin ones I collect as my computer den it full of them :)    the image above is just amazing and I got a book tonight called  Gothic Art as it has your work in there as well..   You made the cover of that book as I even seen the cast resin of her on Ebay ...  maybe :)  
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Are you Anne Stokes or someone else just asking not saying your the real person? Because I love her art, yes I'm a fan of her/your art. :D
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Beautiful and sad.
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Your art is just so amazing! The anatomy is flawless, the color balances it out, and the shading is absoultely perfect. I also love the color choices.
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sorry for the late comment.but i love this
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I have featured your beautiful fairy in my journal [link] :clap:
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i can't stop stareing into her eyes.
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