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Prayer for the Fallen

By Ironshod
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This angel is not specific to any religion but a symbolic fantasy being. Life can be hard and sometimes filled with sorrow. Here she offers a prayer in rememberance of those who have died before their time.

I have made the colour scheme minimal to enhance the mood, and designed the wings to fold around her in protection. The subject is fantasy but I hope the symbolism and feeling behind it are from our own world also.

Thanks to *faestock whose photos I used as reference for bits of the figure
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Beautiful! The color scheme is indeed a bit less/grey, but your explanation totally fits to it :)
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That composition is perfect!
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Hi there I had a question. I make covers for free books . And wanted to ask if I can edit your images as cover and use?
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Beautiful ! Indeed true Angels know no 'religion' merely pure faith and love in the heart and soul xxx
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I have two of your posters and two sets of playing cards and have just now found you on DeviantART. You will be followed :D
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Someone stole the wings from this angel and photoshopped them onto a celebrity. I was disappointed to see that :( The image was spectacular but I don't like seeing someone's work being ripped without permission. It made me sad. 

Jensen Ackles Wings
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Your angels are beautiful beyond belief.I keep coming back to see your artwork
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I love your angel pictures.they are so beautiful
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this is my favourite picture!
you are such a talented artist!
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That's pretty amazing

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I just bought 3 posters, one being this one and just found you on DA. O.O Yay! xD love!!!!
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Love your work
I think that if this artwork didn't have a name.. well it just wouldn't be as fabulous as it is
it feels kinda sad though
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Your work absolutely amazes me. This is incredible!
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beautiful and inspiring!
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wonderful !!! :love: :clap:
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THis is amazing. I have a poster of this hanging on my wall. I had bought it at a poster vender during a street fair.
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I have seen this as a poster at my school store :O very cool
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Wonderfully composed!
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Its fantastic, I would like to share it on a page if its ok ...Greetings Lena
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