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Once Upon A Time

By Ironshod
This is a new artwork that I just completed for my 2014 dragon themed calendar. As the months unfold the images will tell a story, but for now I'll let you, the viewer, decide what will happen next :)
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More awesomeness! :love:
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Your work is so amazing! :)  I love this piece.
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Absolutely Brilliant.
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Wow man, I have this as a shirt! I <3 IT!
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In the immortal words of the Ninth Doctor, Fantastic! I especially like the detail of the dragon's eye focussed on the girl - a lot of pictures miss doing that.  What happens next?  I was about to say they're about to save a realm from a dark lord, but in truth it feels like they've already done it - this is their tender acknowledgement all they've shared.
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Wow.. it's amazing!!
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This is simply stunning. The connection between the girl and dragon is breathtaking. 
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When I saw this , the first person that came to my head there was the character of my book, Rheynne Ellen . The hair and beauty she was, as the magnificent dragon which is called Meygadhor . I love this image and portrays a moment of my book , filling my mind with a magical moment .
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I purchased your print, #OnceUponATime, through, just recently, and I must say "I'm SPEECHLESS!!! There are no words that can, truly, depict how MARVELOUS of an artist you, REALLY, are…


We need more people, in the world, with your "caliber"! 😍
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I'm totally in love with your artworks, they are beautiful! Thank you so much!
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This is so beautiful! I can already imagine a story for this!
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A Very Moving Piece! A Beautiful Masterpiece!
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This is one of my favorite art pieces ever!
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I freaking love dragons and you have officially become my favourite artist. Holy crap..... I love your work. It is so delicate and bold and holds such immense beauty in all the small and intricate details. This has got to be one of my most favourite pictures so far... all though choosing is a very hard thing.  All of them are absolutely wonderful and special in their own way, they are unique.
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Looks like the girls discovering her true destiny duh duh duhhhhhh
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Beautiful! I love the way the trust and emotions are conveyed... just gorgeous!
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