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Oak king

As some you you may already have seen I've been working on a set of artworks with the theme of an enchanted woodland. It is just like a normal forest but if you go there and take the time to look closely you might find the creatures are a little unusal

The green man is a classic and woodland based subject so I thought one should be included. This is an oak based tree image with celtic style branch designs. I imagine him emerging from the trees and looking down over the enchanted wood as a sort of guardian.

You can view some others in the set here ...
Blackberry dragon [link]
Mushroon fairy [link]
Glimpse of a unicorn [link]
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The Green Man is a popular image.  Good one!
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Love the braiding in the beard!
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its stunning work and it remembered me of the Ents in Lord of the Rings
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This was featured on FairyRoom! [link]
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breathlessly amazing!!
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You have a brilliant imagination and a GREAT Skill at Bringing it to the world,,,,,,,,,,,, FANtastic :)
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This screams Obadhai from Dungeons and Dragons. He's the God of nature and the elements. Love it!
I'm pretty sure this is actually his Holy Symbol in the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook. In a much less well drawn manner, of course.
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LOVE this!! It has a little bit of a Brian Froud feel to it<3 I have a tarot deck done by him called the Fairy Oracle. All of your work is amazing<3
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Hey its the God of Nature from D&D.
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Yeah, Obad-Hai. That's what I thought!~
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Sweet! Ah good ol' DnD.
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Love the celtic style branch! :)
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so detailed :) amazing :)
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This is the one that I like!
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Beautiful artwork!
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WAIT A SEC! this is the emblem for the God of nature in Dungeons & Dragons!
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The knots are wonderful!!
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I love this!!!! He looks like my grandfather!!!!
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wow, what a great work! :clap: nice idea! :D
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I love it,I've seen few other green men work as well done as this.I applaud you.83 :iconclapplz:
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when i first saw this, i thought of davy jones from pirates of the caribbean...but i really like this picture :D
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