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Oak dragon

I hope this is fairly self explainatory. This is a dragon that lives in Oak trees and it's body is designed to camoflague in with the foliage.

In my spare time, when I am not working on art commissions, I am producing a range of wildlife style takes on different dragons. This a fairly slow process as I have very little spare time but eventually I hope to enough for a book, or at least a calendar!

I have had some other ideas for how these Oak dragons live and look. I think having eggs that look just like acorns would be cool and I could paint a dragon curled up on a little twig nest filled with them.

I painted this picture in acrylics. You can see some work in progress images of it in my scraps section.
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Amazing, I had a dream like this once.
This looks fantastic!
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hello snapping turtle comics here I'm looking for creative talents for a crowd funding project im doing. snapping turtle comics is doing a table-top art book, and we are searching for more talents.  if you are interested in participating, please let me know. There are a number of artists involved already but  I'm still looking to expand the book. as an incentive all artists involved in the publishing of this book will receive a copy upon its success. as well as recognition by many artists, publishers and fans. if your interested or wish to know more please message me.
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I love this! It is gorgeous, well-done, and beautifully colored!
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Amazing! I was looking for ideas for my new tattoo and when I saw it, I just yelled "I want that!" *_*
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THat is a truly beautiful dragon, I really like artwork of yours :)
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This is a good picture, like the details on the laves.
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Wow! It looks like he's REALLY part of the tree!
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I bet that anyone who had an oak tree with an oak dragon in their yard would never, EVER have a problem with squirrels XD
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Someone used this picture in a Dragon tribute...
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Great work and great atmosphere (and great details)!
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I've seen many dragons over the years, and this is one of the finest. Love your 'Oak' association, since forest dragons have been around for a
very long time. I assume this one is English?

Perhaps you'd like to share your work on our society pages.

Yours In Fire & In Flight,
~ The Dragon Master ~
The Dragon Society { Est. 1984}

Group Page: [link]
Fan Page: [link]
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This is awesome. Great work
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it's beautiful!!!
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I'd buy a print of this!
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I love your do exceptional work!
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I wonder what happens in the autumn...
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