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Moonlight Unicorn

This is the first of a set of new unicorn artworks that I am working on. The colours are quite simple but I hope convey a feeling of magic and mystery to this scene :)

Unicorns are loverly creatures, very magical. I enjoyed painting this one. Before I started I got several books with horse reference photos to study. It is not like painting a dragon where if the wings are a bit big or the neck is a bit long it is no problem. The unicorn is based on the real creature of the horse, and so the anatomy has to be right or it looks wrong.

I hope you like it :)
EDIT: you can now see the full set...
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Hi Let me know if I can use this image to add my client daughter in to gift her.
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I like how white it is. Just as white as snow. Really beautiful and enchanting.
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I love the atmosphere of this work!!!Nod +fav 
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Any chance I can buy a print of this?
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Great job, Ironshod. I feel like the blues and whites REALLY complement each other well.
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Nice Job, I like horses and Unicorns :)
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I ♥ Unicorns, this is so wonderful :)
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Unicorns are amazing creatures and showing their brightness is what I love to do:…
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I love this one! :)
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u rule!   true artist !
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I acquired a clock today that has this picture on it. I absolutely love your work so as soon as I saw it I just had to buy it. Plus I realLy like unicorns.

You are fantastic.
BY the way Ironshod is Anne Stokes so don't listen to me i don't even know what im saying its just there are to many people out there calling Anne's work there own and im getting a bit sick of it so hopefully no harm done.
by the way if this is Anne Stokes then all is well but if not then boooo to you
funny how you call all these designs your art seeing as the original artist is Anne Stokes (my boss) designed these, shame on you, maybe you should try and design your own artwork and not bum of the glory of professionals, people like you make me sick to my stomach. you are a true definition of a fiend.

P.S im reporting you   
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This is beautiful! I can't tell if the light is coming from the moon or the unicorn. :) I just love your art!
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It's beautiful! The unicorn is glowing in that moonlight. So nice!
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unicorns are real and bad ass
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This is sooo pretty :wow:
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So beautiful...
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Just love the reflection.
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Wow !! Added as a fave ! :)
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