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Lost Love

This is the second in a series of gothic style fairies called "Whitby Abbey Faeries" commissioned by UK sculpture manufacturers Nemesis Now.

The idea for this fairy was that her wings should look lace like. There are many heart designs incorporated in the image - from the designs on her gloves to the shape made between the two wings. I'll leave it to you to spot the rest ;)

Another artwork in this set can be seen here [link] They are currently being made into sculptures by Nemesis Now. The range will also be featured soon on other products also - I'll post detail when they are available.

A big thank you to Nemesis Now for giving me such a great subject to work on Thanks also to `Elandria who kindly posed as reference for the figure.
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Love the elegant wings that form the shape of a heart at the top... Stunning Work! WOW! A Beautiful Masterpiece!
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Love this great artist........................
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This is the design that first got me to investigate further as to who you are. I have my best friend to thank for that, she got me a Lost Love scroll for Christmas a few years ago =)
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This is spectacular, she is beautiful, and I love the scene!
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Spectacular image!
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Such a unique gothic angel.
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ohh gee whizz its perfect i think??
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I love the intricate design of this fairy's wings. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but her gaze just looks so cold and lifeless.
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Interesting idea with the wings. I've never seen any like them before.
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if i may critique there needs to be a little more shape in her knees everything is beautiful but i bothers me how sasuage like they look there's no cure to her legs
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cool work, you have really captured her sadness :)
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both of these are simply amazing!!!
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This is my favorite pf the favorites :D
WINGS are stunning, and dress ...
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beautiful amazing now thats some freakin insane talent!!!
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So beauty and strong (?) art, very emotional art I love this.
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Not to be rude but i think you should use more tecture :yum: just a minor-artist-wannna-be's opinion
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She makes me think of my lacewings. They're called that because their wings are see-through with lacy thingummies. (Dunno what you actually call them)
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