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Lord of Time

I've just completed this artwork which was commissioned by Spiral for their 2008 calendar cover. The Grim Reaper is a great subject to paint :)

I chose an angle that looks up at the figure to emphasis the power and menace of the character.
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The grim reaper will kill you!................If Mandy doesn't stop him!
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The reaper is ready to slay people. I love this picture.
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Well I don't love it but it makes up for being scary and creepy.
Absolutely love this and wanted to know if it would be possible to get permission to use it for a tshirt we have created.  We are currently deployed and would like to use it for our military flight shirts,  but need an emailed permission to do so.  Please email me at Thank you.
The Doctor really let himself go. 
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good job
Thank you!
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Only The Reaper Can Make Us Rise (Be Born) And Fall (Death)
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I really love the angle and the incredible detail, also could i possibly use this as an avatar?
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I love the angle and perspective! So brilliant yet again!
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The quality really does suck a bit doesn't it. I've already got the image in a smaller version in the book "Zombies - Tekenen & Schilderen" and the quality is much better. Even so it's really good. :D
gives me chills!
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Oh my God, I can only dream about being as great as you are... FANTASTIC!
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Words definately can't convey how damn amazing this looks.
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O_O wow, this is EEPIIICCC!!!! i love it!!!
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Did you know they are selling these? If it's not your copyright image, is it Spiral's?
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Just wanted to let you know that I think that this art of your has been stolen and edited little bit -> [link]
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wow that creepy......BUT AWESOME!:thumbsup: ^^
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*insert gleeful giggles* This is amazing! Did you go to an art school? If so, which school 'cause I'm interested! X)
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