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Kindred spirits

Another in my series of dragons and girls. This one has a woodland theme.

A big thank you to *faestock for allowing me to use one of her loverly photographs as reference for the figure in this painting.
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Beautiful work!
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WOW, you are very talented! Is it rude to ask how long this took?
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Oh Em Gee this is STUNNING!
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A few years back I bought a postcard with this exact picutre on it and it was breaktaking back then as it is now. I am utterly amazed by it. Keep up the good work on your art!
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This reminds me of the woman in green from Narnia's Silver Chair... o.o

Love the design by the way :sun:
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Great detail, your work is outstanding :D
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Wow...Great work Clap 
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I like the picture.
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Hey, I recently went to comic con and I saw a TON of your stuff for sale there, I was wondering if you gave permission for this???

If so, congrats!
Wonderful, i really love your artwork.

Hi, I used your beautiful dragon here:…


Many thanks

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I do not exaggerate at all, this is so beautiful, I can feel tears pricking up <3 If the girl had dark hair I would say this was me and a very good friend.
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She really adores this dragon, does she?
Great feeling; you're so talented! 
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:love:  your work is amazing.  ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Love this picture very much!
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oh my gold this looks like a real human O-O. this is Beautiful! 
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Love that shared look.:heart: Wonder what they're thinking. :)
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