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Immortal Flight

By Ironshod
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I have just completed painting this new gothic style fairy image. Although the subject is a fairy and there is moonlight and magic, you will see on closer inspection that there are quite a lot of skulls hidden in the wings and something sinister lurking beneath the water ;)

A very big thank you to `Elandria for providing a photo for me to use as figure reference :)
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Not sure if you are selling this but found this printed on metal in a store 
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I've bought this as a pillow and I love it :)
Thanks for being amazing Anne
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This is absolutely my favourite of your works, it like most of them are awesome but the intriguement and ambiance this gives is super sweet, tough to be honest it's hard to pick favourites from your works xD all amazing.
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I Love your Art Its so inspiring. This piece especially I have it  as a journal <3 and I love it. 
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i love this one. i did an analyses on this one.
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I believe someone has copied you on this artwork: <--- this one is only slightly different from yours. but when I saw it, I could swear that I had seen it before... and here it is; I figured you might want to confront this person on their disrespect of your lovely original art.

This piece is creepy and beautiful at the same time. You are truly a wonderful artist, hence why I rose the alarm on that plagiarizer.
I hope things work out well in that respect. Some people seem to conveniently "forget" how much hard work their admired artist went through to be that good.

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Magical and ominous all at the same time.
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I love it, so gentle
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i total love the colors
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wow, amazing. Love it!! :)
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love it

Love +fav 
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Janeandothers4741 May 8, 2014  Student Artist
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Yeesh. You believe in this stuff?
-There's no proof that any of it ever happened.
-It's just some pixels on a computer screen- it can't hurt anyone!
-Even if it could (which it can't), why would you want to send this on and hurt even more people?
I'm sorry; I really don't mean to be rude or offend you. I just find chain messages like this rather annoying. '~'
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It's ok. I hope I didn't make you feel bad- that was a little harsh of me. :(
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No I understand how you feel. I hate spam just as much but I am extremely superstitious 
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Makes sense. Meow :3 
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This is so good! Too bad you left the actual source on your "original artwork"
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I just left a comment on one of your pieces accusing you of plagiarism, before I even bothered to look at your profile.Words cannot express how entirely ashamed I am of myself for doing that. I am so so sorry, the mere thought of anyone ripping off your artwork made me physically ill, and I acted completely on impulse and left that hateful remark. It wasn't until I was about to leave a comment on your profile that I saw you were the official Anne Stokes, and I just feel so, so, bad about this, and instantly regret those words. Please, please forgive me for my stupid impulsive mistake.
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I am just so, so, sorry, that was so stupid and hateful of me.
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Wow........ so magical

a bit scarybut beautiful though :)

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