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I love painting dragons. I hoping to creat a range of different dragon that live in different enviroments. Kind of like a fantasy nature documentary ;) This dragon is able to live in the coldest enviroments.

My art shows a young and still small version of the ice dragon. I have some idea for the adults.... A huge ice covered dragon lying curled up in a massive underground cave with lots of cool ice and snow formation surrounding it, you almost don't notice the dragon at all at first. Also an action shot of the dragon bursting out of the cave in flight, icicles breaking off around it's massive wings as it soars into winter sky. I just have to get some time to paint these now!

This artwork was painted in acrylics. I did however do a bit of a re-touch in Photoshop on some of the snow effects once I had scanned the art in. The dodge tool is particually useful for exaggerating the shine on the ice.
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Nice drawing God loves you and God bless!