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June 12, 2006
Hydolic Hydra wallpaper by *Ironshod - Absolutely stunning artwork from this unknown artist, the attention to detail and composition of this piece is superb. Check out the rest of the gallery, you won't be dissapointed.
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Hydrolic Hydra wallpaper

Here is a wallpaper for ~PhoenixsAshes .Hope you like it ;)

Thanks again to ~Mitsukai-Aka for naming this art.

The subject here is a 3 headed cyber dragon. This is a huge mechanical creature that has arisen out of it's lair to guard an entrance of the inner sanctutum of a dark space cathedral. You can see the full artwork in my gallery.
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Walker-Pierce's avatar
Hey look it's a Cyber End Dragon
Marioca310's avatar
Evil looking metal beast, straight out of Hell!
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
An Amazing Piece!
GreyWolfAlpha's avatar
whhhhhhooooooooa breh 0.0
lolpoop09's avatar
cookieThing's avatar
this is to awesome not to use
SheDemonLunaIce's avatar
my MOM would LOVe this... that is awesome!
ShootingNovaStar's avatar
Can I use this image for one of my projects? I`ll give you credit for the image
jlang100's avatar
That is an awesome pic you got there
Deathman11's avatar
this dragon is Awesome 
ProudTortoise's avatar
Wow, wouldn't want to run into that in a dark alley.

It's also hydraulic not hydrolic 38/
redbike2011's avatar
this is swagg!!!! love it.
hobbitshire's avatar
Very striking. Imagine entering the area and seeing this thing rising from the pit. Effective use of light concentrating on the creature, leaving the rest of the interior in darkness.
thetiger12's avatar
what program do you use?!
raptorrex3's avatar
this technically is a wyvern (no arms or legs) but still really amazing
Kellyawatere's avatar
1233135's avatar
Man all of your dragons are amazing. :0
TheXcalibur's avatar
nicely done its my wallpaper now :D thanks to you
moltresflare's avatar
lmao now all you need is to draw zane truesdale next to it,jk a yugioh gx reference,it looks like cyber end dragon lol
DragonMyths's avatar
Awesome, you even did this breed of dragon!! :D :) Favey!!
ArmorKingTV21's avatar
isn't it cool these are card carriors?
nitrapalo's avatar
That dragon is sickly awesome!!!!!
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